Supply chain webinar results: Trends, resiliency, and future recovery
Webinar highlights

Supply chain webinar results: Trends, resiliency, and future recovery

Hundreds of supply chain professionals joined our recent cold chain webinars. Get the results to benefit from trends and tips for your own operations.

Key takeaways from the cold chain webinar

After the Supply Chain Trilogy event planned in March had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizers decided to host the event virtually. The goal of the webinar series was to discuss current supply chain trends, insights, and observations from our supply chain experts. And to inform the audience on how their business can respond to, prepare for, and recover from the current challenges.

Additionally, the presenters talked about the importance of using digital technologies and strategies to mitigate the current disruption and build more resilient and responsive supply chains for the new future. The speakers also pointed out the importance of collaboration within the industry. They shared their thoughts on how to navigate new strategies and discussed their observations on what industries and supply chains will look like in the next months or years.

“Digitization is the key. One of the preparations that I have discussed in my presentation is all about adapting to the new future. Companies should look at the three elements – people, technology, and process – to prepare for the future. We also have to keep in mind that whatever we think and plan for the future, we need to think of the cost of investment and risk involved,“ said Frans Kok AEB’s General Manager.

“Being adaptable and looking at the overall perspective, such as workforce optimization, technology adoption, and adjustments of a business model – this will prepare companies for the future. The future is all about evolving and continuously adapting to changes,“ added Freddy Fam, Honeywell’s Industry Leader.

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Collaboration and “coopetition” in cold chains

Marilyn Alberto, president of the Philippine Multimodal Transport & Logistics Association, also highlighted opportunities among airlines, exporters, forwarders, and importers in the Philippines. “Navigating the new normal with digital platforms such as visibility platforms for real-time monitoring, CRM, and TMS will revitalize the transport and logistics sector,“ she said.

“What we need in the industry is collaboration and „coopetition“, or cooperation among competitors, to maximize revenues and help reduce cost. Industry associations can help facilitate the sharing of information. I would like to reiterate the need for collaboration and coopetition among all supply chain parties to optimize processes and to have a better supply chain,“ she added.

Role of the cold chain industry in the pandemic

Meanwhile, the cold chain webinar highlighted how to tap into potential gaps and opportunities in the food supply chain and address the challenges in the industry. Mr. Anthony Dizon,  President of the Cold Chain Association of the Philippines (CCAP) also brought up the critical role of the cold chain industry during the COVID-19 crisis.

“The cold chain industry has been classified among the essential food sectors. Therefore, we have been granted the privilege of unhampered distribution nationwide. If you have encountered any restrictions in your operations, those restrictions may be imposed by LGUs, which are not consistent with national policies. In an instance like this, we are communicating with the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to address and resolve issues,“ the CCAP president said.

“The stakeholders in the Philippines food supply chain network need to do a very dynamic balancing act as part of the adjustments to the new normal. CCAP is participating actively in the effort to develop baseline information that could serve as a guide for the strategic and operations planning for its members. We are also an active member of the IATF sub-task group on the food value chain and logistics to ensure food sufficiency and food safety in these critical times,“ Dizon added.

The webinar series was organized by AEB, Prime Sales, and Honeywell in partnership with the Cold Chain Association of the Philippines (CCAP) and Philippine Multimodal Transport & Logistics Association (PMTLAI).

The webinar was covered by PortCalls, the Philippines’ only shipping and transport guide.

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