Product classification: automatically find commodity codes in SAP®
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Product classification: automatically find commodity codes in SAP®

Easy product classification right in SAP® ERP or SAP S/4HANA®: Plug-ins offer greater efficiency in finding and assigning commodity codes for export controls.

Product classification in SAP® Standard – often too much trouble

The SAP standard system offers a few features for managing various nomenclatures. Users still often classify commodity codes by customs tariff and manage export control numbers or ECCNs manually, however. And the nomenclatures change regularly, adding yet another challenge. Plug-ins for SAP® ERP and SAP S/4HANA® can cut down on the manual work steps of product classification specialists and IT workers alike – with no modifications to your SAP systems required.

Finding commodity codes in SAP® with a plug-in – the benefits

Plug-ins can enhance the SAP® standard system with features to simplify product classification. They can help identify the correct values, track the process, and manage and document country-specific data.

The product classification plug-in can be integrated seamlessly into SAP, allowing users to work in the interface they already know. The nomenclatures are managed through direct access to the master data, a separate rights-based transaction, or the Launchpad. The integration is realized through a web service, so the SAP standard system is not modified in any way. For more information, please refer to our IT integration page.

Unbeatable combination: four options for fast, automated, accurate product classification

AEB Product Classification lets you browse up to 150 customs tariffs to find the right commodity code and export control number. It’s easy thanks to pretrained artificial intelligence, clever master data management, and our continuously updated partner content:

  • Convenient manual searches: 
Search for the right commodity code by keyword using the convenient search feature.

  • AI- and rules-based automation:
Artificial intelligence pools information from your master data, the customs tariff, and other sources to automatically generate the right suggestions.

  • Customs master data management:
Commodity codes, export control numbers, goods descriptions, CAS numbers, and all the other customs-related master data: Keep an eye on everything in Product Classification. Easy to find, easy to manage. It’s easy to configure other data fields at any time to manage additional foreign trade data.

  • Up-to-date data service:
Access customs tariffs, export control lists, and nomenclatures from up to 150 countries. Product Classification automatically imports, checks, and updates the latest data – in collaboration with our content partner Mendel Verlag.

Commodity codes from 150 countries available in SAP®

All the search options let you find commodity codes for 150 countries right in SAP – always drawing upon the latest nomenclatures.

Product classification with the plug-in – other benefits at a glance

Data service and year-end update feature

Optimize your product classification down to the last detail: When changes are made to the Combined Nomenclature or Harmonized System, one click is all it takes to update the plug-in with the latest commodity codes.

The system also knows automatically when action is required thanks to an integrated year-end update feature. This saves you the trouble of checking whether the changes affect your own product master.

Users only need to select one of the recommendations at their leisure and confirm the changes before they take effect. The plug-in then saves the correct values and applies them at the appropriate time to ensure compliance.

Individualized customs texts

Want to use texts from the nomenclature, from the material, or a mix of the two? The software lets you augment any import or export nomenclature with individualized, country-specific texts for the customs authorities and apply these texts in downstream processes such as export declarations. Just save the information that customs officials want to see, and it will always be automatically applied.

Outlier analysis

The integrated AI-assisted outlier analysis optimizes product classification results and recognizes any deviations from the defined value. This in turn helps the system improve the quality and reliability of its learning.

Global export control number management

In addition to the commodity codes, the software also uses the integrated mapping directory to identify the export control numbers for every product and automatically add them to the data – across all locations and around the world.

Finding commodity codes in SAP® with a plug-in – what it costs

The costs of our Product Classification solution depend on the number of materials you wish to classify through SAP®.

A sample cost scenario based on AEB’s Basic plan:

  • Volume: 5,000 materials/year
  • Monthly cost: 510.00 euros (plus a one-time activation fee)

We also have packages to accommodate higher volumes. Please contact us for a quote.

Finding commodity codes in SAP® with AI – how well it works

The AI in AEB’s plug-in refers to an algorithm that incorporates machine learning. The results depend on the number of materials and commodity codes, among other factors. The table below shows the rates of accuracy of product classification suggestions.

Material masterMatches
Plant supplies: 47,000 materials, 6 commodity codes99% correctly classified
Clothing supplies: 20,561 materials, 454 commodity codes77% correctly classified
Electronic automation: 53,000 materials, 137 commodity codes85% correctly classified

Simplifying product classification in SAP® with plug-ins – the bottom line

A plug-in addresses the three biggest challenges facing product classification specialists and IT departments.

  • Fewer errors
The plug-in cuts down on errors by always providing the latest nomenclature for 150 countries and supporting searches in three different ways. 

  • Less hassle
The same benefits that minimize errors also streamline the workflow. The automated search feature is particularly helpful, eliminating the need to comb through the index of commodities for foreign trade statistics and other sources. 

  • Less need for IT resources
Once the IT department has integrated the plug-in into the SAP system, the product classification specialists can work independently. 

Want to see these benefits in your processes as well? Visit our product page for more information on the AEB Product Classification plug-in and many more optional features.