Compliance Screening add-on for SAP®
Integrated compliance

Compliance Screening add-on for SAP®

AEB’s add-on lets you run compliance screening in the background while working in SAP. Let’s take a look at how it works and see an example of what it costs.

What compliance screening features are available in standard SAP systems?

SAP ERP ECC and S/4HANA systems do not offer any native compliance screening features. Sanctions list screening can be integrated through external services, but the solutions available vary in the features they offer and in the sanctions lists that they integrate.

Who can benefit from AEB’s Compliance Screening add-on for SAP?

Business relations with sanctioned persons and companies are punishable by law. That’s why it’s so important for companies to screen their business contacts for compliance with sanctions lists. AEB’s add-on for SAP systems can check more than just foreign business contacts: The Compliance Screening solution in SAP also checks business partners, job applicants, employees, and more.

How is the Compliance Screening add-on for SAP integrated?

AEB’s Compliance Screening add-on is compatible with SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA. It runs automatically in the background and integrates seamlessly into the SAP interface and processes. You also have the option to run the sanctions list screening through a web interface, however.

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What features does the Compliance Screening add-on offer?

AEB’s Compliance Screening add-on for SAP screens business contacts in real time against all the relevant sanctions lists, minimizing the compliance risks that businesses face. All checks and their results are logged. A smart screening algorithm minimizes the number of false positives – matches based merely on a similarity between two names.

  • Automatic sanctions list screening in the background
  • Individual and batch screening
  • Screening against embargoed countries and regions (such as Crimea)
  • Large selection of official sanctions lists
  • Automatic update service
  • Personalized sanctions lists

What happens when there’s a match?

The Compliance Screening add-on alerts you only if a business partner is flagged as a risk during a sanctions list screening. This triggers a predefined process that includes locking all relevant documents and notifying the compliance officer by email. There is no need to monitor the lists of matches manually.

  • Notification of relevant persons via email or SAP Office Mail
  • Logging of positive matches
  • Option to configure automatic blocks

What does AEB’s add-on for SAP cost?

Companies can choose from among various price models and optional add-on packages for Compliance Screening based on their transaction volume and budget. 

A sample cost scenario based on AEB’s Basic plan

  • Volume: up to 25,000 address checks per year
  • Monthly cost: 352 euros (plus a one-time activation fee)

We also have packages to accommodate higher volumes. Please contact us for a quote.

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Which sanctions lists are available through the Compliance Screening add-on for SAP?

The sheer number of official sanctions lists in effect around the world, which are also regularly updated, make manual compliance screening all but impossible. That’s why the Compliance Screening add-on includes a data service. The official sanctions lists are checked and automatically updated every day. 

AEB also offers other Compliance Screening content packages, including various packages from AEB’s partner Dow Jones for extended screening.

Information on available sanctions lists

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Bottom line: Compliance Screening add-on for SAP

The AEB Compliance Screening add-on for SAP runs fully automated sanctions list screening in the background. The business partner screening features provides reliable information on compliance risks, eliminating the need to manually screen contacts and update sanctions lists.

  • Easy integration into existing ERP systems
  • No need for manual sanctions list screening
  • No need for manual monitoring of matches
  • Daily sanctions list update service
  • Flexible price models
  • Individual and batch screening options in SAP