Covid-19: How can you build a more resilient cold chain?
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Covid-19: How can you build a more resilient cold chain?

As the world grapples with the Covid-19 global pandemic, cold storage companies are working around the clock to ensure there are enough fresh and frozen products to buy in supermarkets and grocery stores.

Cold chain companies all over the world play a very important role in the Covid-19 global pandemic. Food manufacturers, distribution centers, commissaries and cold storage warehouses are still operating with a skeletal workforce to ensure the flow of fresh and frozen foods to convenience stores, supermarkets, and grocery stores. With multiple restrictions implemented by authorities, the cold chain sector together with transport and logistics remains an essential service amidst the global pandemic all over the world.

Smarter, faster cold chain warehouse

The demand for fresh and frozen products is growing. As many countries impose lockdowns to mitigate the spread of the virus, cold chain technologies are helping cold chain operators in managing and keeping products within a specific temperature range throughout the supply chain. Our Cold Chain Warehouse Management System helps to ensure the freshness of products from food manufacturers to cold chain warehouses to the grocery stores and end consumers. Our Cold Chain Warehouse Management is designed to cater warehouse processes in a temperature-controlled environment. These include blast-freezer receiving, smart receiving, system directed putaway, intelligent outbound process, highly optimized picking strategy and easy integration with pick-by-voice, data-capture and sensor technology. Adopting cold chain technologies such as cloud WMS, RFID, sensor tags, AGVs, IOT and mobile racking will enhance your overall warehouse operations, improve efficiency and connect seamlessly to every step of your cold chain process.

Automating your cold chain process is the key to respond to immediate challenges caused by external factors such as the Covid-19 pandemic. It enables your company improve efficiency in the short and long run, improve throughput or productivity, increase revenue and business growth.

Visibility across the supply chain

In the current landscape, it is very critical for cold storage operators to monitor available inventory in their value chains. Providing visibility across the supply chain provides customers with a better transparency and  effective supply chain strategies.

Our Monitoring & Alerting helps to identify supply chain disruptions and respond proactively. It gives you a real-time and comprehensive overview of the shipment status in your cold chain process. As a result, your supply chain team can respond immediately to mitigate the disruption before it becomes a problem.

New buying habits and trends caused by the Covid-19 situation

  • Supermarkets and grocery stores remain fully in operation but with the proper social distancing measures imposed
  • Cold chain companies are operating at full capacity after lockdowns
  • Mobile grocery stores will be placed in communities to mitigate the spread of the virus
  • Fast-food companies like Jollibee have started selling ready-to-cook and marinated items in supermarkets
  • Food delivery will thrive
  • E-commerce platforms with last-mile delivery will spike to reduce the need to go out and people will stay at home
  • Instant messaging apps such as Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger will transform the food delivery business

Mitigating the impact

Responding to the Covid-19 situation is challenging, cold storage companies should revisit their supply chain strategy and accelerate the adoption of cold storage technologies such as warehouse management, sensor technologies, implement supply chain risk management and business continuity strategies. Cold chain companies need to continuously improve by embracing automation and digitization to reduce costs and increase business efficiency.