Save costs and simplify customs with AEB’s export declaration software

Discover the benefits of self-filing your export declarations with AEB’s user-friendly software Export Filing: CHIEF/CDS. It will not only enable you to submit your export declarations fast and in a straightforward manner, but it will also ensure flexibility and independence when it comes to last-minute changes in your export shipments. Furthermore, it will provide you with full visibility of your entered data.

Gain flexibility, full control, and visibility of your export declarations.

UK export declarations made easy with Export Filing from AEB

Export Filing: CHIEF/CDS software makes exporting easy and affordable

RoRo declarations with Export Filing: CHIEF

RoRo declarations with Export Filing: CHIEF/CDS

Export Filing: CHIEF/CDS is tailored exactly to your needs when exporting from the UK. This includes low-risk goods to the EU using RoRo traffic routes. As basic data has already been prefilled in your export declarations, all you need to enter are the shipment-specific details. You can transmit your data seamlessly to the UK customs authorities and track the status of your declaration until the export is completed.

Export declarations to all EU countries

Export declarations to all EU countries with one software 

Export Filing: CHIEF/CDS is a flexible customs software that allows you to easily handle export declarations to all member states of the European Union. Export declarations are processed within AEB’s high-capacity data center. It already processes more than 80 million export declarations annually with the utmost failsafe protections. This ensures that goods get to customers across Europe as quickly as possible.

Highly scalable: for traders or those just starting out

Highly scalable: for traders or those just starting out

AEB’s customs software is used and appreciated by many of the leading exporters across Europe and supports companies of all sizes and across all industry sectors. To start exporting and efficiently manage declarations, all you need is a PC with an internet connection and customs software from AEB. The flexible price plans offer options for different volumes, document requirements, and ERP system integrations. 

All features of Export Filing: CHIEF/CDS customs software

UK export declarations made easy with Export Filing from AEB

Start exporting

  • Full control of export processes
  • Every declaration step clearly explained
  • Pay-per-declaration. No hidden fees
  • Register today. Start filing tomorrow

Use your shipment data to automatically populate fields in your export declarations

  • Combine similar invoices or delivery notes into shipments 
  • Automate the creation of customs declarations from shipments for the customs procedure of your choice
  • Use manual processing and data entry in case of errors and exceptions 
  • Supplement your customs declarations with additional data using suitable templates

Automated processing of customs transactions

  • A central system for the creation of export and transit declarations
  • Always up to date with changes to customs laws
  • Exchange of necessary customs messages for seamless customs communication
  • Illustration of the processing progress: See at a glance the current status of your declaration
  • High scalability of the system from manual processing options to highly automated customs clearance

Efficiently searching and filtering export declarations

  • Search your customs declarations with the help of extensive search criteria or references
  • Filter declarations by various criteria, such as status, progress, reference numbers, date, consignee, destination country, or person responsible for the consignment

Manually processing customs transactions with the support of the intelligent assistant

  • Use the integrated assistant for data entry, which also notifies you of inconsistent data
  • Recognize mandatory fields by the color highlighting
  • Always keep an overview of the status of the declaration 
  • Print the required documents directly from within the application

Creating templates for similar or recurring export declarations quickly and easily 

  • Create templates for customs declarations for different use cases
  • When transferring data from your host system, you can supplement data automatically using templates
  • Define conditions to apply templates and further automate processes 

Creating export declarations in the fallback procedure

  • Create customs declarations with a fallback document if the electronic declaration is not possible for technical reasons on the customs authorities’ side
  • Print the fallback document directly from within the application
  • Re-submit these declarations electronically to customs once the disruption has been fixed

Printing customs documents

  • Print all relevant documents directly in the application 
  • Your customs documents are archived until the end of the statutory retention period
  • Available documents: EAD, POE, EUR.1 (without subsequent pages), A.TR. (without subsequent pages), certificate of origin (without subsequent pages)

Recognizing and processing measures initiated by customs

  • Recognize measures initiated by customs at a glance and initiate next steps with the support of the application
  • Real-time alerts in the application inform you about required control measures and show you status changes of the affected declaration
  • Receive information about such events by email

Correcting or canceling export declarations if necessary

  • The application supports you in canceling or correcting customs declarations up to a certain status
  • Retrieve and respond to feedback from customs, e.g. possible reasons for rejected requests, at any time in the application
  • Changes to the declaration data are displayed in the application with the help of revision statuses that you can easily compare with each other 

Archiving customs messages and documents

  • Archiving of incoming and outgoing customs messages 
  • For example, EAD, POE, applications, and related documents are archived
  • Use the data export from the archive, e.g. in tabular form (CSV)

Setting up and managing notifications of specific events

  • The application automatically notifies the persons involved in the customs process by email about certain events
  • Define yourself which events are relevant and who should receive the messages
  • Define conditions under which the notification is to be triggered
  • Write your own notification texts, also in different languages

Seamless integration into your host systems

  • (availability of different interfaces for Export Filing) 
  • Web service interface: Transfer data from your host system via web service and synchronize data back again
  • Integrate Export Filing seamlessly into your SAP® system with the Customs Management Plug-in for SAP®

Clear and simple: our cloud solution pricing models


From GBP 92/month

plus setup fee

250 export declarations/year
GBP 2.82 for each additional export declaration

* Price on request


From GBP 356/month

plus setup fee

2,500 export declarations/year
GBP 1.59 for each additional export declaration

  • Basic features
  • Exports from up to 3 countries
  • Automated completion of customs declarations
  • Additional export documents created (T2L(F), EUR.1, A.TR, certificate of origin)
  • Data to support analytics
  • Transit procedures (NCTS Authorized Consignor (CR)) 
  • Reporting & Analytics*
  • Plug-in for SAP® (GBP 225/month)
  • Integration into other ERP systems*
  • Regular support

* Price on request


From GBP 1,843/month

plus setup fee

25,000 export declarations/year
GBP 0.88 for each additional export declaration

  • Basic features
  • Exports from up to 5 countries
  • Automated completion of customs declarations
  • Additional export documents created (T2L(F), EUR.1, A.TR, certificate of origin)
  • Data to support analytics
  • Transit procedures (NCTS Authorized Consignor (CR))
  • Reporting & Analytics*
  • Plug-in for SAP® (GBP 225/month)
  • Integration into other ERP systems*
  • Regular support

* Price on request

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Questions about AEB's export solution?

How quickly can I get started with Export Filing: CHIEF/CDS? 

You can get up and running with Export Filing: CHIEF/CDS in very little time. You don’t need to take care of any preliminary formalities with the customs authorities. Do you want to integrate Export Filing: CHIEF/CDS as a plug-in or interface into your IT system environment and processes? Or do you need training for your employees beforehand? If so, be sure to allow enough time.

How long does it take to integrate Export Filing: CHIEF/CDS into our existing system? 

That depends on which ERP system you are using and the extent of the desired integration and automation. Depending on your particular circumstances, the software could be integrated into your processes within a few days. An AEB expert will also be happy to assist you.

What options does Export Filing: CHIEF/CDS offer for integrating customs clearance into our systems and processes? 

Export Filing: CHIEF/CDS can be addressed through an API (web service) and easily integrated by your own IT department or IT system vendor. That means it’s possible to link common systems such as SAP®, Microsoft Dynamics, IFS, Infor, or proAlpha.

Can Export Filing: CHIEF/CDS be integrated into our existing SAP® system? 

Yes. Export Filing: CHIEF/CDS can be easily integrated into SAP® ERP ECC6.0 and SAP® S4/HANA. AEB offers a plug-in for this. Integration into any other ERP or logistics system is also possible.

What happens if the customs requirements change? 

As soon as changes from the customs authorities take effect, they are available in Export Filing: CHIEF/CDS. The software is automatically updated to reflect the change. No further action is required on your part.

We’re already using Export Filing from AEB in one country. Is there any advantage to having our UK offices work with Export Filing as well?

There are several advantages to using Export Filing for different countries. First of all, your IT department will be happy to have only one software program to manage. But it also makes it easier to set up a centralized customs department. We have customers who run their customs clearance operations in the UK but have their central customs department in another country. Customs experts find it much more transparent if all offices work with the same family of software. This enhances transparency and makes it easier to prepare internal audits and customs audits.

Geoff Taylor Managing Director UK

Geoff Taylor

Managing Director UK

“The HMRC system transition from CHIEF to CDS only highlights the urgency for UK traders to modernize their IT landscape. Now is the right time to implement integrated customs solutions that are fit for the future.”