Carrier Connect shipping software certified by DPD
Carrier Connect

Carrier Connect shipping software certified by DPD

The successful certification of Carrier Connect as a bronze partner software not only guarantees compliance with quality standards, it also makes operational business with DPD easier and faster.

A successful shipment process starts with the complete and error-free transmission of all relevant data to the parcel service. If erroneous data is transmitted, there may be delays or even problems with delivery.

Added value thanks to the certification

Carrier Connect's certification as a DPD bronze partner means that shippers can be sure that their data is always transmitted correctly to the parcel service. This gives users the assurance that all processes run smoothly and error-free when they process DPD shipments via Carrier Connect.

In contrast to non-certified software tools, which have to be approved by DPD before their productive use, this additional effort is no longer required when using Carrier Connect. This means: Companies using Carrier Connect do not need to send EDI messages to DPD for approval, nor do they need to print out labels and send them by mail for acceptance.

About the certification procedure

As part of the certification process, the shipping system is evaluated by DPD down to the last detail. This ensures that everything runs according to the current DPD parcel label specifications and that data is transferred via a secure protocol. In addition, AEB participated in a certification workshop with a live demo and validation of all DPD products implemented in Carrier Connect.

Carrier Connect: Smooth shipping with 200+ carriers. For all types of transport.

With Carrier Connect, companies not only design their shipping processes with DPD. More than 200 freight forwarders and parcel services are connected to AEB's multi-carrier software, which shippers can use to organize worldwide shipments for all types of transport.

AEB software can support and automate all tasks, from selecting and commissioning the transport service provider, to printing labels and documents, to track & trace, entry certificate and invoicing.
More information about Carrier Connect can be found on the product website.