AEB-Ünsped partnership opens Turkish market to customers
AEB-Ünsped partnership

AEB-Ünsped partnership opens Turkish market to customers

With Turkish customs consultancy Ünsped as the latest addition to the AEB Customs Broker Network, AEB’s broker portfolio now includes import and export services for a significant market on the edge of Europe.

With the new cooperation, AEB customers will be able to transmit customs-relevant data automatically to Ünsped for fast and efficient customs clearance in Türkiye. “We’re really excited about the collaboration with Ünsped. It gives AEB customers easy access to customs declaration services in Türkiye via the market-leading customs broker. We see this as a game-changing market offer that will add real benefit to our customers in Europe, North America, and beyond,” says Mark Brannan, AEB’s Head of Customs Broker Integration.

Worldwide customs broker network

Ünsped customers also benefit from easy access to AEB’s worldwide network of customs broker partners.
Ünsped General Manager, Rıza Mehmet Korkmaz, stated that “The cooperation with AEB will enable Ünsped to differentiate itself from other customs brokers by offering an innovative, automated, and multinational customs solution to Turkish companies. With Ünsped’s 42 years of experience, integration-based software solutions in customs brokerage, and its reliable IT infrastructure, AEB will add value to Ünsped's digital integrated services. Its proposed new business model for efficient processing of customs declarations worldwide, process management and tracking, allows the fast and smooth completion of customs transactions of products in countries all over the world, regardless of whether they are transported by air, sea, or road.”

Customs clearance with transparency and accountability

Ünsped has a long track-record of providing excellent customer-oriented services, transparency, and accountability to customers in Türkiye from its 60+ offices. The new partnership with AEB will further extend Ünsped’s value-added services and support with plans to increase their current 10% market share. AEB, meanwhile, expands its Customs Broker Network to an important market, while fulfilling its promise of excellent broker services.

UNSPED Customs Consultancy
UNSPED Customs Consultancy

Ünsped Customs Consultancy

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