Warehouse management system from the AEB Cloud

Warehouse management

Warehouse management system from the AEB Cloud

Smart digital intralogistics and flexible automation.

A WMS as the central nervous system for intralogistics, transport management, and global trade: AEB’s warehouse management systems help you optimize your logistics. Customized to your needs and objectives. For faster lead times, better performance, and a smoother supply chain. 

WMS software for all processes. And every industry.

WMS software from AEB offers flexible warehouse management tailored to your precise needs. We specialize in supporting warehouses in the following industries:

Automotive | Chemical & Pharmaceutical | Electronics | FMCG | Food & Beverage | Industrial Machinery and Equipment | Logistics Services | Refrigerated Transports | Retail & E-Commerce | Spare Parts Logistics | Textiles | ... and many more

Features of an AEB warehouse management system

More than a warehouse management system: integrated intralogistics, done and delivered

Seamlessly integrated logistics: AEB software delivers perfectly synced warehouse, shipping, and transport processes. Our warehouse management solution keeps a light footprint while managing cross-dock hubs, centralized distribution centers – even mobile or temporary storage facilities for your projects. 

Warehouse management system from AEB: Efficiency from goods in to goods out. And beyond. 

WMS software from AEB supports all your tasks and workflows in the warehouse – and beyond. Here you’ll find a selection of key features of the warehouse management systems from AEB:

Goods receipt with the AEB WMS
  • Enter notifications or generate them automatically through an API
  • Compare external goods receipts directly with notifications to identify any differences in quantities
  • Repack external goods receipts for storage
  • Record damaged goods and initiate clarification process
Stock putaway in the WMS
  • Create stock putaway orders
  • Automatically allocate storage locations for stock and handling units using predefined or freely configurable storage strategies
  • Allocate storage locations for stock and handling units without automated storage strategies
  • Apply zone-based storage strategies (ABC, etc.)
Inventory picking, posting, allocation to storage locations
  • Locate and retrieve stock manually
  • Locate and retrieve stock automatically using predefined allocation strategies such as FIFO, LIFO, or FEFO
Transport order creation and execution
  • Create transport orders for automated transports via MFC or for manual transports.
Physical inventory
  • Plan inventories
  • Perform inventories with mobile devices
  • Manage inventories
  • Analyze inventory progress
  • Process inventory discrepancies
Packing station in WMS: creating and packing consignments
  • Implement multi-level and qualified packing
  • Connect scales and scanners
  • Create smart consignments, consolidate delivery notes into one consignment 
Shipping and accompanying document printing from the WMS
  • Print all standard shipping and accompanying documents – CMR waybills, loading lists, and more
  • Print shipping notifications for customers or carriers
  • Make manual additions with “typewriter mode”
  • Generate and customize documents
Label printing and EDIs for 200+ carriers and parcel services
  • Create shipping orders
  • Keep an eye on the big picture with the shipping order overview and control tower
  • Print high-quality labels with laser, thermal, or industrial printers
  • Connect automated tagging and labeling systems
  • Print return labels
  • Generate EDI messages and loading lists
  • Automatically select the transport service provider and services by various criteria (price, lead time, quality, assessment) or your own defined rules and specifications
Pallet position management and consolidation
  • Freely consolidate previously packed packages (by carrier, etc.)
  • Automatically identify the right pallet position in goods issue
  • Return packed stock to storage
  • Work with or without inventory management
Load control, loading dock management, time slot management
  • Run control scans (goods, dock, truck) during loading
  • Plan and book time slots
  • Manage loading docks
  • Monitor progress of loading/unloading
  • Integrate all partners involved in transport
  • Generate text alerts to drivers with multiple language options
  • Drag and drop to make planning changes

Smart process modeling for a customized WMS.

Unlock customized support for your warehouse operations through flexible, standards-based software architecture and integrated graphical business process modeling. And when change comes, you can easily adapt your processes. 

WMS: Simple shipping process in BPMN modeler
Simple shipping process in BPMN modeler

Modeling of a simple shipping process for sending out manually input consignments. We use BPMN to create transparency and a common understanding of processes – and identify the potential for optimization. 

WMS: Extended shipping process with automatic data transfer
Simple shipping process in BPMN modeler

The BPMN modeler lets you quickly implement new requirements. The example shows new options integrated, including the automatic transfer of consignments to the system.

WMS: Shipping process with second integrated Billing business service.

Connecting other standard business services makes it easy to integrate additional features and support more processes. The example shows how the Billing service was added to support features such as freight charge calculation in shipping.

Warehouse management from AEB – for smart, fast, effective automation

Growing volumes, smaller order and shipment structures, a lack of skilled workers, an aging warehouse workforce: There are many good reasons to automate your warehouse processes. Warehouse management systems from AEB support you – as these examples show:  

WMS software: Touchscreen at packing station

Packing station: Easily process and finalize orders with a touchscreen

WMS software: employees using pick-by-voice

Smart picking: Use smart glasses, mobile scanners, pick-by-voice, and pick-by-light 

Warehouse management system – AGV

Automation: Integrate components such as automated guided vehicles or AutoStore®

Warehouse management system: consulting, planning, and hardware included

Warehouse management systems from AEB don’t start with the software – and they don’t stop there, either. We help you design the system, optimize storage, and plan your logistics. And we work alongside you until your new solution and processes are up and running smoothly. We also supply you with the right warehouse hardware – including setup and support.

Consulting included – from our experience with hundreds of intralogistics projects

We work hand in hand with you to analyze the current state of your unique intralogistics setup. We take into account the warehouse layout, storage strategies, material flow, interface communication, up- and downstream processes, and much more. We pool all this data to identify areas of potential optimization and provide recommendations on how you can realize this potential with the help of AEB software.

WMS: hardware and software working in tandem

Smart automation and efficient processes don’t just require a customized WMS, they also need the right hardware. We’ll help you select the right equipment for your warehouse, tap into our partner network to get it delivered, and help you configure your:

  • Handhelds, forklift terminals
  • Smart glasses, pick-by-voice, backhand scanners
  • Printers
  • Material flow computers
  • Cloud solutions
WMS – Partner ebp
WMS – Partner Lydia
WMS – Partner Honeywell
WMS – Partner Sysmat

Best and brightest for your success

Tap into the services and expertise of our extensive partner network. 

Benefits of an AEB warehouse management system

End-to-end digital logistics processes

A warehouse management system from AEB is the central nervous system for intralogistics, transport management, and global trade.

Route-optimized processes for greater efficiency

Whether you’re putting goods into or picking them out of storage: Shorter routes boost the performance of your warehouse processes.

Targeted exception handling

Identify potential vulnerabilities and optimize your warehouse performance on the fly.

Your first step toward an optimized warehouse management system is easy

Product expert Torsten Mallée

Torsten Mallée

AEB Product Expert for Shipping & Logistics

He and his team look forward to hearing from you. 

Intralogistics with AEB – real-world results

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