Shipping Management mit AEB Software für reibungslose Versandprozesse


Shipping Management. Streamline your shipping processes.

Making AEB’s shipping software part of your intralogistics solution ensures smooth, high-quality shipping processes. With smart automation and the integration of supply chain partners, you’ll cut lead times and enhance on-time performance. Regardless of what you’re shipping, or how.

AEB shipping software from the cloud: for parcels, pallets, and containers by road, ocean, or air.

AEB shipping software doesn’t just optimize your parcel shipments, it also ensures faster and more reliable processes for all aspects of shipping logistics:

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End-to-end support for all your logistics

AEB software seamlessly optimizes your intralogistics – from goods receipt to picking, packing, and shipping. Our suite of global trade and logistics solutions can also ensure efficient processes elsewhere: Learn about the complete AEB portfolio here.

What you get with AEB shipping software

Use AEB software to optimize your entire shipping process – or start incrementally with specific sectors. A look at some key features:

Packing station and consignment consolidation
  • Implement multi-level packing
  • Implement qualified packing
  • Connect scales and scanners
  • Use smart technology for collective consignments and consignment consolidation
  • Print shipping documents
Automated carrier selection
  • Select transport service providers by various criteria (price, lead time, quality, assessment) or your own defined rules and specifications
  • Select services by various criteria (price, lead time, quality, assessment) or your own defined rules and specifications
Printing of shipping papers and accompanying documents
  • Print all standard shipping and accompanying documents – CMR waybills, loading lists, and more 
  • Print shipping notifications for customers or carriers
  • Make manual additions with “typewriter mode”
  • Generate and customize documents
Label printing and EDIs for 200+ carriers and parcel services
  • Create shipping orders
  • Keep an eye on the big picture with the shipping order overview and control tower 
  • Print high-quality labels with laser, thermal, or industrial printers
  • Connect automated tagging and labeling systems
  • Print return labels
  • Generate EDI messages and loading lists
  • Automatically select the transport service provider and services by various criteria (price, lead time, quality, assessment) or your own defined rules and specifications
Tracking and tracing
  • Get proactive alerts when the status changes or a disruption occurs
  • Keep tabs on the quality and on-time performance of transport partners
  • Gain supply chain visibility across transport, shipping, and warehouse processes
Entry certificate and transfer confirmation management
  • Request and manage individual and collective entry certificates
  • Generate automatic reminders in an integrated escalation workflow
  • Manage and maintain alternative proofs for automatic proof management
  • Customize multilingual message templates
  • Ensure compliance as certified by independent auditors
  • Automatically apply the relevant shipping data
Pallet position management 
  • Freely consolidate previously packed packages (by carrier, etc.)
  • Automatically identify the right pallet position in goods issue
  • Return packed stock to storage
  • Work with or without inventory management
Load control, loading dock management, time slot management
  • Run control scans (goods, dock, truck) during loading
  • Plan and book time slots
  • Manage loading docks
  • Monitor progress of loading/unloading
  • Integrate all partners involved in transport
  • Generate text alerts to drivers with multiple language options
  • Drag and drop to make planning changes
Freight cost management
  • Streamline freight cost calculation
  • Compare freight quotes and rates
  • Simulate freight costs
  • Automatically audit freight invoices
  • Run self-billing procedure
  • Assign and allocate costs
Integrated reporting and business intelligence
  • Get up and running right away thanks to preset data model
  • Generate preconfigured reports and dashboards
  • Easily customize configuration
Customs management and export controls
  • Manage exports and imports in Germany and many other countries
  • Automate collaboration with customs brokers
  • Screen against sanctions lists
  • Manage export controls

AEB shipping software: extremely robust and flexible

AEB shipping software ensures smooth, robust processes while giving you a high degree of flexibility for adaptations. The result is a custom solution that lets you quickly and easily respond to changing conditions. 

AEB shipping software achieves this with integrated Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN). This lets you define existing processes graphically and make changes easily: New functions can be implemented, tested, and launched quickly without the expense of reprogramming.

AEB shipping software: custom processes thanks to integrated process modeling

Optimized shipping processes with AEB software: success stories from around the world

Businesses around the world from all industries and with a wide range of use cases rely on shipping software from AEB to optimize parcel shipments, manage spare parts logistics, ship empty containers back where they belong, and much more. A sampling of customers, use cases, and success stories:

Your first step toward optimized shipping logistics is easy

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Paul Rivera, AEB expert for shipping software, warehouse management, and intralogistics

Paul Rivera, AEB expert for shipping software, warehouse management, and intralogistics. He and his team look forward to hearing from you.