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Information and solutions for the practice

Reguvis Fachmedien GmbH is specialized in providing information and solutions for its customers from industry and administration, in order to enable the best-possible conversion of regulatory requirements into daily practice. Reguvis has emerged from the professional media branch of Bundesanzeiger Verlag as an independent company. 

As a professional media provider, Reguvis builds upon a high degree of expertise in the area of foreign trade, customs and export controls, as well as close cooperation with economic operators, cooperation partners and regulatory authorities. The product portfolio is characterized by top-quality, reliable and professionally edited content, closely relating to the legislative authorities.

Knowledge for practitioners

With this promise, Reguvis stands for much more than only classical publishing products. Reguvis offers a wide variety of up-to-date information, provided as data content in the download center, as software or as web-based research databases. 

As one of the first data content providers for Germany and Europe, Reguvis developed the HADDEX sanctions lists, edited in cooperation with the German export control authority, the Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle (BAFA)

Screening business partners against the HADDEX sanctions lists can help to ensure that no funds or economic resources are made available to sanctioned persons or entities. Especially the up-to-date information – by directly converting sanctions publications from the Official Journal of the EU on a daily basis – warrants best-in-class accuracy and timeliness in the field of sanctions compliance. Reguvis hereby enables its customers to comply with the high expectations of the German foreign trade law (allowing a maximum grace period for sanctions implementation of 2 working days for possibly benefitting from exemptions from punishment).

Besides the EU sanctions regimes, HADDEX sanctions lists cover the respective sanctions regimes of the US (such as SDN, SPL, Entity List, Unverified List etc.) and other states (such as Switzerland, Japan, Canada, the UK and Australia) as well as the UN security council resolutions.

Data content

Furthermore, Reguvis offers a variety of dedicated data content for efficient work in the field of customs and foreign trade – ideally formatted in the most current version – for the usage within economic operators' IT systems and software products of leading customs software providers.

Key products of the Reguvis Customs & Data Technology portfolio (besides HADDEX sanctions lists) are:

  • the TARIFE product line, which combines comprehensive content from the German and EU customs tariff (respectively the EU combined nomenclature) with valuable information on possible license requirements, document codes and measures and footnotes – edited for direct usage in customs software solutions.
  • Rules of Origin for automatization of preference determination processes in conjunction with the numerous free trade agreements of the EU and Switzerland. By using the PräfIS Rules of Origin, efficiency in compliant preference determination processes can be significantly increased. 

The data content product portfolio is complemented by specialized and user-friendly research database applications such as TARIFE Premium Online, TARIFE Export Online, HADDEX Sanktionslisten Online oder PräfIS Online.

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