Our partnership with Portorium

Bring customs in-house without the need to hire

Portorium onboards companies with AEB’s customs management software to streamline and automate operations, plus provides day-to-day managed services for ongoing monitoring, analysis, and execution. This full-spectrum solution covers all of an organisation’s customs needs while providing complete control of and visibility into all aspects of international trade. This differentiates Portorium from software houses, customs brokers, customs advisors, and traditional consultancies, which only solve one piece of the complex customs puzzle.

Portorium’s solution + services approach provides organisations with a complete customs control tower with no need to add additional staff or expertise.

The Portorium Difference

In addition to deep knowledge of AEB’s customs management solutions, the Portorium team brings over 40 years of combined customs knowledge and legal expertise to the table. Offering 24/7 support, Portorium is able to quickly respond to time-critical needs so goods continue to flow without interruption. In addition, continual analysis of data informs strategy for process optimisation and growth. Portorium’s vision is to transform disconnected processes into a customs management epicentre, turning data into information that supports compliance, efficiency, and strategy.

Portorium and AEB

Portorium partnered with AEB based on complementary offerings and shared values. As experts in the market, the Portorium team believes that AEB’s cloud-native digital solution for customs offers the best global coverage, feature-rich functionality, ERP integration, and user experience available. By partnering with Portorium, AEB is able to focus on their core competency—developing best-of-breed software—while the Portorium team enhances the value to customers with informed market strategy, expert implementation, and day-to-day managed services. Portorium’s customs expertise and deep familiarity with solutions across the customs management lifecycle—from customer and partner ERPs, to customs software, to country-specific systems—is unmatched, delivering a win/win/win scenario for customers, AEB, and Portorium.