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Lydia Voice Solutions

Lydia® Voice by EPG is the technologically leading system for voice-guided work processes in logistics, industry and production. Work instructions are transmitted from the higher-level WMS/ERP system to the mobile voice computers and converted into a dialogue-guided work process. Lydia Voice functions independently of the speaker, which means that prior speech templatre training is not necessary. The latest software generation of Lydia® Voice uses neuronal networks and deep-learning technology, which enable a further significant improvement in the recognition of non-native speakers and accents.

The voice portfolio of the Ehrhardt und Partner Group is complemented by the appropriate hardware components, which have been optimized for use in voice applications in industrial environments. These include the mobile voice computer Voxter® Elite +, the ergonomic back of the hand scanner Voxter® Scan +, a wide selection of different headset models, as well as the Lydia® VoiceWear® - an innovative vest with microphone and loudspeaker already integrated.

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