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Shaping change, being the winner of digital change

Competitive businesses depend on efficient processes, strategic investments and motivated individuals. If coordinated effectively, these components shield an organization from even the most disruptive technological changes. But achieving this level of business agility is by no means trivial in the face of complex infrastructures, high transaction volumes and dynamic business models.

That’s where abas comes in. For more than 35 years, abas has helped production-related companies around the world create change and profit from digital transformation – with our advanced ERP software, smart business process consulting, and the deep expertise of our employees and partners.

Flexible and adjustable ERP software is the key to fully unlocking any organization's potential. Whether management or controlling, purchasing or sales, service or accounting, production or warehousing: As a comprehensive solution, abas ERP provides each user the exact functions and information they require.

All business areas profit from our broad product portfolio, which, in addition to core ERP functions, also includes a selection of valuable add-on solutions, from APS to Project Management. And thanks to mobile apps, our users have access to their data and processes anywhere and anytime.

Abas is among the ERP software pioneers. Founded in 1980, we’ve grown organically and expanded worldwide. No investors, just our own success. We embody classic midmarket success, borne out of the creativity of our motivated team. 

The quality of our software development defines us. At abas, we've been successful because we address a market we know well: Other midmarket businesses with 50 to 2,000 employees, often owner operated, in the manufacturing or distribution industry.

Our experienced abas Experts provide direct consulting services including business process optimization, ERP implementation, custom development, and ongoing support to midmarket businesses in custom manufacturing, industrial machinery, automotive and supply, electronics, component production – particularly metals processing and plastics - as well as small series and make-to-order production. Our team helps you meet the challenges of the future and increase your competitive capacity.

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