AEB expands security measures due to currently increased cyber risks
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AEB expands security measures due to currently increased cyber risks

An overview of existing and enhanced security measures to protect AEB systems and solutions from potential cyberattacks.

In light of the Russian Federation's attack on Ukraine, there are increased warnings of potential cyberattacks. The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) also sees an increased threat level for Germany at the moment. 

AEB is aware of the increased security risk and has already acted to protect systems from attacks and the risk of compromise. For its own system landscape and customers' cloud environments, AEB uses a proven system of technical security components, processes, and other controls. 

These measures already taken to secure your applications and data include:

  • Login and authentication security based on a central role concept
  • Network segmentation into different separate security zones
  • Next generation firewalls to secure the various accesses and network segments
  • Secure standard operating environment as the basis for secure applications
  • Next-generation malware protection for early threat detection
  • Comprehensive vulnerability management to detect, reduce, and avoid vulnerabilities
  • Regular penetration testing for vulnerability identification and remediation
  • 24/7 monitoring and alerting for automatic hazard prevention
  • Training and awareness measures for employees

Potential impact on your systems

In addition to these existing security measures, precautions are slightly tightened as of now to ward off threats. For example, unusual behavior is rejected more aggressively and can lead to a complete block of the offender sooner.

If you experience difficulties with your transactions or observe any unusual behavior, please contact AEB Support immediately

Details on AEB's security measures and further information can be found in our Trust Center.