A well-organized warehouse
A well-organized warehouse

Logistics and supply chain

Supply chain software for efficiency from inbound to outbound – and all around

AEB supply chain software helps you optimize the organization of your transportation and warehouse management processes. The result is significantly lower costs and shortened lead times, an enhanced supply chain performance – and happier customers, of course!

Supply chain software for transportation management

Transportation Management System

With transportation management software from AEB, you can design your supply chain processes to be easily adaptable and at the same time highly automated - tailored to your requirements. For more efficiency, lower costs and greater resilience in the supply chain.

Supply chain software for smooth & smart transportation, shipping and warehouse management

Warehouse management software

  • management of storage locations, stock, handling units, pallet positions, workstations
  • management based on batch and serial numbers and inventory attributes, including best-before date and much more
  • strategies for managing stock putaway, removal, transfer, and replenishment
  • process-supported goods receipt management, including notifications
  • integrated packing station and shipment processing, including printing of shipping papers and accompanying documents
  • mobile apps for stock putaway, internal transports, inventory, and shipping

Cold Storage WMS

  • all features of the AEB Warehouse Management Software
  • temperature monitoring
  • traceability and compliance
  • effective inventory management
  • workflow automation
  • catch-weight management

Shipping software

  • personalized shipping solution based on the AEB Cloud platform
  • manual, semi-automated, or fully automated consignment consolidation
  • stationary and mobile packing station
  • multi-level and qualified packing
  • powered by AEBs multi-carrier platform with 250+ integrated carriers
  • accompanying paper and document printing
  • export filing

Multi-carrier platform

  • multi-carrier platform “Carrier Connect” with 250+ integrated carriers and parcel services
  • pallet, parcel, and container shipping; FTL/LTL
  • road and rail transport, air and ocean freight
  • multi-package and hazardous goods shipping
  • shipping and returns labels printing
  • generation of EDI messages and shipping documents
  • provision carrier events and tracking url 
  • business intelligence & reporting
  • plug-in for SAP® – certified integration with cloud solutions
  • easy connection to ERP and other host systems

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