Smart. Scalable. Smooth. Here's how it works.

Step 1: Flexible import

Complete import of all relevant data quick as a flash with ready-made interfaces (REST/SOAP, file API, add-on into ERP systems). It’s a perfect alternative to manual entry.

Step 2: Automatic completion

Ready to go for customs processing: Templates are used to automatically add missing data.

Step 3: Intelligent check

An integrated decision logic checks whether your parcel falls into the low value or high value procedure based on the consignment value and the dynamic HS subheading master data. Correct data entry is also checked. The declaration is only submitted when everything is correct.

Step 4: Direct communication

From declaration to customs inspection to the release of your shipments: our DECO-solution responds quickly to queries with a transparent dashboard.

Example of status-overview of DECO-declarations in AEB's Import Filing: DECO solution.
Example of status-overview of DECO-declarations in AEB's Import Filing: DECO solution.

Tried and tested. All benefits at a glance.

Easily scalable.

Thanks to the scalable resources in our own data center, our solution is suitable for all transaction volumes, whether high or low.

Quick to deploy.

Import Filing: DECO is based on a cloud solution, making it quick to deploy and easy to configure.


Import Filing: DECO automates everything from data import to customs declaration, so your deliveries always take the fast lane.


You can be sure that only complete customs declarations will be sent. This is ensured by built-in data validation and check mechanisms. You are supported by the smart AEB wizard.


Across borders. Simply extend your central system.

DECO is integrated with AEB's international customs platform This creates a flexible system with which you can control electronic import declarations for both low value and high value consignments - in one country or for several countries at once. The platform supports you in distinguishing the procedures and seamlessly transmits your data to the relevant customs authority. You decide whether you want to take care of the declaration yourself or whether an AEB trusted customs broker should do the work for you.

Frequently asked questions

How quickly is the software ready for use?

After receiving the order, we need about five days for deployment. Then you’ll be ready to go. In the interface description we have summarized the most important information so that you can connect your ERP system.

What are the data import options?

Ready-made interfaces enable smooth integration into our system. Specifically, these are: 

  • Standard add-on (e.g. SAP®)
  • REST/SOAP interface - bidirectional
  • File interface (Excel, CSV)
Can I add data automatically after data import?

The software completes incomplete data without your intervention. You have full control over the intelligent logics.

Can I also handle high value consignments with the software?

Yes, you can. The software can distinguish between high and low value based on the value and the allowed HS subheadings. It also detects when a parcel is not approved for low value procedures. If this is the case, the integrated wizard will guide you through the necessary steps of a high value declaration.

Can I combine consignments for the same consignee?

Yes, you can. Using various cumulation criteria, consignments for the same consignee can be combined.

Can I also map transit procedures with the software?

Our software supports all common import and transit procedures. This includes:

  • NCTS transfer
  • NCTS discharge
  • SumA (summary declaration)
  • Single customs declarations for free circulation
  • Single customs declarations for inward processing
  • Simplified procedure for free circulation
  • Simplified procedures (IPR/PCC)

The only requirement for use is that you have the necessary authorizations.

Can I create reports with the software?

Our software offers two different options for this:

  • Standard procedure: You pull a data extract for analysis.
  • Jasper Reports and Analytics Tool: Simply order it to compile your own reports.
Does the software run in the cloud and is that secure?

Yes, operation in the cloud is secure – and offers multiple advantages: AEB runs your cloud software in its own ISO-27001-certified data center. The latest technology, an experienced team, sophisticated security architectures, redundant data backups, and tried-and-tested contingency plans ensure the security of your data. At the same time, you take the load off your IT department. 

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