United States Munitions List (USML)

In the context of US export controls, the abbreviation USML stands for United States Munitions List. The USML is found in the US Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) in Title 22 CFR § 121 and is administered by the Department of State’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC). Amendments of the United States Munitions List are published in the Federal Register.

The USML lists articles, services, and related technical data that are designated as defense articles or defense services in line with sections 38 and 47(7) of the Arms Export Control Act (AECA). Categories of the United States Munitions List are organized by alphanumerical paragraphs and subparagraphs that usually start by enumerating or otherwise describing end-items, followed by major systems and equipment; parts, components, accessories, and attachments; and technical data and defense services directly related to the defense articles of each USML category.

It is to note that if articles are not controlled on the USML, they may be subject to control by another US government regulatory agency – such as the US Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), which administers the Export Administration Regulations (EAR).

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