Customs declaration fees, duties, and taxes within AEB's customs broker partner network

Customs brokers all over the the world grow their business by offering their services to AEB's extensive international customer bases. Our Partner Program also includes the legal and commercial framework needed when doing business together. 

Customs declaration fees
Invoicing to AEB
Customs debt

Customs broker rates are based on one of the following transactions: 

  • Declaration
  • Declaration and items
  • Parcel

Partners are free to choose an applicable rate for each AEB customer based on their requirements, i.e.: the type of declaration, type of goods, operation hours, etc.

AEB partner brokers provide their customs declaration services as subcontractors of AEB. 

AEB partner brokers invoice customs declaration fees to AEB. 

Additional services required by AEB’s customer (e.g. fiscal representation, freight services) do not form part of the commercial and contractual relationship between AEB and the partner broker. Those services should be agreed directly between AEB’s customer and the partner broker. 

Prior arrangements for payment of duties and taxes will be made between the partner broker and AEB's customer. 

Typical arrangements include use of the customer's duty deferment account, postponed VAT accounting, use of the customs broker's duty deferment account, and pre-payments by AEB's customer to the broker. In all cases, AEB's customer is contractually and legally obliged to cover these costs.

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