Carrier Connect

How multi-carrier management software works

AEB Carrier Connect is more than just multi-carrier management software. It also helps you with your daily shipments of packages, pallets, and containers. From the delivery note to the label to the outbound delivery.

How shipping with Carrier Connect works:

Delivery note directly from host system

A delivery note is created in the host system (SAP® ERP, SAP S/4HANA®, etc.) with information about the type and quantity of goods ordered.

Carrier and service selected

The multi-carrier management software can automatically select the right transport service provider and service based on the delivery note data, delivery time, and definable criteria such as price or lead time. This info is then transmitted back to the host system.

Shipping order created

At the same time the carrier or parcel service is selected, Carrier Connect creates a shipping order with information on the consignor and consignee, goods, transport service provider, and service. This data is used at this early phase to prepare the shipping label so that it can later be quickly printed.

Package picked & packed

After the order has been picked in the warehouse, one or more packages with weight and dimensions is packed at the packing station. This package is added to the shipping order in Carrier Connect. Since the shipping label was prepared earlier, it can now be very quickly finalized and printed with the package data

Shipping documents and labels printed

The shipping documents and shipping labels can be printed now (or later). Carrier Connect supports various printer types, from laser printers to thermal printers to fully automated labeling machines.

EDI with tracking number transmitted to carrier

When the shipment is picked up by the selected carrier or parcel service, a day-end closing is generated and an EDI transmitted to the transport service provider. Carrier Connect prints out the manifest or loading list with all the shipments. Carrier Connect also provides tracking and tracing data and returns status updates from the carriers.

End-to-end shipment tracking

AEB software enables smart, fully integrated tracking, so you always have the big picture on the status of your shipments. The multi-carrier management software even includes proof management for duty-free shipments within the EU (“entry certificate”) with tracking logs of your transport partners.

Freight cost calculation and monitoring

Calculate the freight costs of your shipments and allocate them internally. Then, when the transport partner’s invoice arrives, you can automatically check it.

Integrated business intelligence at your fingertips

How many shipments were sent where and with which carrier? Which service types are used and how often? An integrated business intelligence tool offers insight here. Start analyzing and optimizing your shipping processes right away with preconfigured reports and dashboards. You also have the option to configure the BI tool to your individual needs, of course.

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