Multi-carrier shipping: Questions and answers about AEB Carrier Connect

AEB Carrier Connect makes multi-carrier shipping easy and efficient. To help you get up and running as easily as possible, we’ve put together a list of the most common questions about our software.

How quickly can I begin using a new carrier in my multi-carrier shipping software if it is already available from AEB?

If you are already a customer of the carrier in question and have a customer number, then things can move quickly: The necessary master data is updated for the requirements of the new carrier and stored in the system for you. Then you can already begin running the first tests.

Shipping labels typically have a few barcodes. To ensure the printed labels – especially the barcodes – meet the specifications of the carrier’s scanners, you should transmit a few labels to the carrier for quality control before going live.

Which carriers are available for multi-carrier shipping with AEB Carrier Connect?

Carrier Connect offers you a total of 200+ carriers and 500+ carrier services for smooth and efficient multi-carrier shipping. Click here for an overview or all available carriers.

Can I also add carriers and parcel services that are not on the list of available carriers to use with my multi-carrier shipping software?

No. Please contact us at nfbcm to ask about a specific carrier..

Can we use our IT department to integrate carriers on our own?

No. Please contact us at nfbcm to ask about a specific carrier..

How can I integrate Carrier Connect into my existing system environment?

Carrier Connect offers an API as well as ready-to-go add-ons for SAP® ERP, SAP® EWM, Dr. Thomas & Partner WMS, Witron WMS, and more. Contact us to learn whether add-ons are already available for your system as well.

In which languages is Carrier Connect available?

The Carrier Connect user interface is available in English and German.

Is my data secure?

Yes. Your data is processed in our data center in Germany in accordance with all applicable data privacy and security laws. The data center boasts DIN ISO 27001 certification. For more information, please refer to our data protection statement.

Which printers can I use to print labels?

Shipping labels are normally printed on thermal printers, which allow the label to be affixed quickly. Carrier Connect is compatible with a variety of common thermal printer models. You can also print labels in PDF format using a laser printer. Click here for a list of all available printers.

Do I need to update routing data?

No. Carrier Connect always provides the latest carrier routing data for you.

Can I transmit shipping data from my SAP® system to Carrier Connect?

Yes. Carrier Connect is equipped with a standard interface to SAP® ERP systems. The packing station features can also be integrated directly into SAP® through a add-on. Integration with SAP® EWM was developed with the help of the consulting firm HPC AG. The labels are printed directly in SAP®.

Why is the initial setup different for the various carrier connections?

Each carrier has its own IT systems and thus its own unique specifications for the content and format of labels, barcodes, loading lists, and EDI messages. This changes the master data needed to configure your system. The required data might include package and/or consignment number ranges, depot numbers, global location numbers, web service credentials, and EDI upload credentials.

What’s so challenging about shipping labels?

The transport partners have strict rules, and the labels are very complex. A high volume of shipments also creates a high standard of performance for label printing. Carriers use various kinds of logic to determine the routing code of the packages. There is also a wide range of various barcode formats. Label requirements frequently change. Bottom line: To guarantee smooth transport, the quality and content of the labels – especially the barcodes – must be just right.

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