Carrier Connect

Just like that: Carrier Connect perfectly integrated into your IT environment

A plug-in, API, and web services make it easy to integrate the multi-carrier shipping platform into your IT environment and greatly simplify the task of application management. How? Because AEB automatically updates Carrier Connect whenever transport partners redefine their specifications, so you’re always up to date.

Various host systems

flexibility with standard API


with standard plug-in

Thomas + Partner WMS

with standard interface

Microsoft Dynamics D365

Carrier Connect interface

ERP-/CRM-/e-com systems 

Magento, shopify, Sage, ...

Integration in beliebige Vorsysteme: Die Carrier Connect API

Powerful and flexible: the Carrier Connect API

For simple and reliable integration into your host system, AEB offers the Carrier Connect API, a powerful tool that can be fully adapted to your unique logistics workflows.

Small and flexible function calls make it possible to create a shipment early on in the shipping process, then flesh it out with data along each step of the process. At the packing station, all you need to do is implement a “Process Shipment” API call to quickly generate and print labels.

Perfekte Integration in Ihre SAP®-Landschaft: das AEB Plug-in für SAP® ERP und SAP S/4HANA®

Perfect integration into your SAP® environment: the AEB plug-in for SAP® ERP and SAP S/4HANA®

The AEB plug-in enables complete, streamlined integration into SAP® ERP and SAP S/4HANA® – and all your SAP logistics workflows. This means you can generate labels and order directly from SAP, send responses such as tracking numbers directly into SAP,  and see shipments with all carriers together in a single view.

Carrier Connect integrates into the standardized processes and user interface dialogs of your SAP system using standard SAP technologies for a true plug-and-play experience. This greatly simplifies future updates to both your SAP systems and Carrier Connect. The integrated communication between Carrier Connect and the SAP software is managed through a web service.

Easy integration into SAP® EWM

Connect 200+ carriers and parcel services to your SAP EWM with just a single interface. The interface from our partner HPC connects SAP EWM’s standard Express Shipment Interface (ESI) with Carrier Connect. Continue managing your warehouse processes as usual in SAP EWM, while Carrier Connect organizes your shipping logistics – including ongoing routing data updates and new services.

Zitat Claus Fahlbusch (Gründer & Geschäftsführer shipcloud)

Peter Sauernheimer . Senior Consultant HPC

“The Carrier Connect interface to EWM gives our customers a quick and flexible connection to parcel services and the ability to assign orders without connecting and updating each interface individually. Plugging directly into SAP EWM without the detour through the SAP ERP system has proven to be a quicker, easier, more modern interface from both a procedural and performance perspective. SAP’s latest announcements about the SAP S/4HANA® strategy and their decision to discontinue LE-WM and LE-TRA make it clear that this is the only sustainable strategy for linking Carrier Connect to SAP EWM as a strategic warehouse management system.”

Dr. Thomas + Partner Carrier Integration

Connected to WMS of Dr. Thomas + Partner

A stable system that delivers a smooth process flow from goods receipt to goods issue with quick wins: That’s the promise of TUP.WMS, the warehouse management system from Dr. Thomas + Partner

A standard interface links Carrier Connect to TUP.WMS, so warehouse and shipping processes work hand in hand.

Inway Systems

Your interface to Microsoft Dynamics D365

Inway Systems offers industry-specific ERP solutions based on MS AX/365 for Finance and Operations. During implementation of the ERP system, Inway analyzes and optimizes the business processes and the add-ons, modules, and industry solutions that interact with the ERP system. Customers get a complete and comprehensive integration of all business processes from a single source.

There is a standard interface connecting Carrier Connect to Microsoft Dynamics D365.

Witron und AEB arbeiten in Sachen Carrier-Anbindung zusammen

Logistics solutions in perfect synergy

WITRONdevelops innovative storage and picking systems for automated and manual logistics centers tailored to the customer’s precise IT, mechanics, system ops, and service requirements.

WITRON uses AEB Carrier Connect to help its customers connect and integrate various shipping service providers to WITRON’s automated and manual logistics solutions.

Mit AEB und shipcloud: Integration in zahlreiche ERP-, CRM- und Shopsysteme

AEB and shipcloud: integration into countless ERP, CRM, and e-commerce systems

The partnership between AEB and shipcloud yields a one-of-a-kind shipping platform. Businesses use an easily integrated, standardized interface to connect their ERP, e-commerce, or materials management systems to the systems of over 200 carriers and parcel services.

Integration already available for: Shopware, descartes pixi, Shopify, SAP, Zapier, Gambio, SugarCRM, suiteCRM, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, WooCommerce, and many, many more.

Zitat Claus Fahlbusch (Gründer & Geschäftsführer shipcloud)

Claus Fahlbusch . Founder & CEO, shipcloud

“The partnership between AEB and shipcloud lets online retailers extend digital technology to their logistics by connecting with over 200 carriers and parcel services through a single interface.”