Product-specific and to the point: The new AEB system requirements

Quickly finding the necessary changes in the system requirements for your product has now become even easier: With the restructured system requirements documents from AEB. Learn more here.

Operation information22.05.2020

You can now find all current system requirements for your product (including the Plug-in for SAP option, if supported by your product) clearly presented in one document. We have placed particular emphasis on a consistent and intuitive structure and faster retrieval of information.

In order to tailor the information even more optimally to your needs, you will now find separate documents differentiated by operating model AEB Cloud and On-premise installation (if supported by the product) for each product. As a result, you only get the information that is relevant to your needs.
This gives you the information relevant to your application at a glance.

The documents in their current version can be downloaded in the AEB service portal.
Click here to navigate to the AEB download area. 
You can also access the download area via any product-specific support page at

Please note:
The system requirements are subject to the developments of the state of the art and are continuously updated by AEB. Therefore, please make sure that you comply with the system requirements and check them regularly.

In the event of major system-relevant changes, AEB will also inform you in good time and proactively via the support pages in the form of corresponding operation information. 
In addition, AEB provides information on the product-specific support pages under Release planning about planned releases and end of support for AEB software, operating environments or third-party software.