Service pack information with a new look & feel

With the February service pack, the service pack information moves to a new home and has been optimized in terms of structure and sorting. Read more.


Using the F1 help, which you can open in every screen of your application by pressing the key of the same name, you will find the Service Pack Information button on the right. The Service Pack Information describes new functions, improvements, and bug fixes in your application.

This will be available for you as of the February 2020 service pack:

  • You will only see changes for the products you have licensed and there are more options for filtering the displayed texts. You can read the displayed texts directly by clicking on them or you can open a text and scroll through the texts using the arrow buttons.
  • The displayed texts now support markup elements such as bold, italics and may in future also contain links with further notes or recommendations for action.
  • The familiar continuous view of the optimizations can be found by clicking the "Continuous view" button. All currently filtered texts are then displayed on one page.

Tip: Take advantage of this opportunity and access the service pack information via your test system a few days before the service pack is released and inform yourself about upcoming changes.