High volume of inquiries due to Brexit – Here’s how you can still reach the AEB Support as reliably as usual

Whether you have questions about Brexit or other inquiries, the AEB Support Team will continue to provide reliable assistance. However, note the following current change. If possible, submit your inquiries via the digital channels provided by AEB. These are as follows:


Currently, the volume of requests is very high due to Brexit and the entire AEB Support Team is on duty for you and your requests. Of course, you can still reach the AEB Support by phone for Prio 1 issues.

In all other cases, we currently ask you to send us your request via the following digital channels.

Thank you for your understanding.

Your AEB Support Team

Submit a request via the AEB Help Center

In the AEB Help Center, you can either search directly for answers in our knowledge database or go to Submit a request and enter a support ticket.

Click here to go to the AEB Help Center.

Send an email to the AEB Support

You can also send us your request by email as usual to spprtbcm.

Do you know the AEB Brexit support pages?

Since the beginning of the UK withdrawal negotiations, AEB has informed you about all necessary measures for your AEB applications regarding Brexit there. The current steps required for the now completed Brexit can be found on the Brexit support pages provided by AEB since November 2020 and have been continuously updated since then.

Click here to go to the AEB Brexit support pages.

We recommend registering for the AEB Brexit Ticker if you haven't already done so.

This will allow you to keep informed about the current situation and to react to necessary adjustments as well as further service packs. AEB recommends this especially to customers who operate their applications in their own data center and still need to install service packs at a higher frequency than usual due to the expected changes.

Register here for the AEB Brexit Ticker.