What’s new in the AEB Help Center – We have expanded our service for you

The AEB Help Center is your central access point for questions about AEB products and services. As from March 1, 2021, we have given the Help Center a new look and have added additional content and functionality.


Experience and benefit from the following new features from now on:

  • Search function – Enter a keyword or your question in the search bar on the home page of the AEB Help Center and get detailed answers on specialist topics and AEB applications.
  • Operational information – Stay up to date.
  • New request management – Register to the AEB Help Center via Sign in > Register and manage the requests you sent to the AEB Support in the new, integrated request management. You can also use this tool to contact the AEB Support directly about your submitted request or to view the current status.
  • You can still send your request to the AEB Support by email. Or try submitting your request via the AEB Help Center.

    Users of Export Filing: ATLAS and International Customs Management applications already have the Help Center integrated in the Help menu. You can submit your request to the AEB Support directly from within the application.

Please note: with the new request management system, the existing number range is renewed. Likewise, the layout and sender address of our email responses will change. From now on, if you want to respond to a request, please always use the last email you received from the AEB Support regarding this request. Or use the new request management in the AEB Help Center.

Read this article to learn about the AEB Help Center in detail: Use of the AEB Help Center.

Your AEB Support Team