ASSIST4 application displays the following message as from June 1, 2020: Update Winword document types (recommended)

An ASSIST4 message recommends that administrators of ASSIST4 installations in their own data centers need to Update Winword document types as of June 1, 2020. You do not need to comply with this recommendation. Read here how to disable the message.


AEB recommends that customers with ASSIST4 installations in their own data centers promptly install the standard May 2020 service pack (expected to be available for download as from May 21, 2020).

The above-mentioned message refers to a technical option in connection with the conversion from Word documents to PDF form printing, which has been in existence since 2016 and is limited in configuration to June 1, 2020. By importing the ASSIST4 May 2020 service pack, the date set to June 1, 2020 is set into the future and the message is avoided at each restart.

You do NOT have to perform the Update of Winword document types option.

Your AEB contact will advise you accordingly if a document conversion is pending.

Customers at the AEB data center and customers with current service pack status (minimum status May 2020) are not affected.