Removing of the transport service provider modules

AEB will cease maintenance and support for transport service provider modules (TSP modules) for ASSIST4 Dispatch on March 31, 2022. AEB recommends checking whether a Bartender release change is still necessary and requests that you schedule the migration to the follow-up solution Carrier Connect. Read service news.

Carrier Connect

Carrier Connect is the cloud-based integration of your transport service providers (e.g. label printing, EDI, and loading list).

  • For several years already, AEB has worked successfully with the now established follow-up solution Carrier Connect for label printing without Bartender software. This is your alternative to the Bartender solution that is being phased out.

Carrier Connect does not require Bartender software, includes services for routing data, service areas, installation of service packages, current security standards, and licenses for label printing software.

  • This completely relieves your IT department of the drudgery of updates and maintenance.

You can freely select your transport service providers (according to the latest system description) and switch between them flexibly.

Still ASSIST4?

Transport service provider modules from ASSIST4 Dispatch will be actively maintained by AEB until March 31, 2021. After that, these software components will be passively maintained and supported for another year. 

  • After  March 31, 2022, support from AEB will end.

Official support of provider Seagull Scientific for Bartender version 10.1 will end on November 9, 2019.

A change to the subsequent Bartender version 2016 is not mandatory from AEB’s side, as long as you do not change anything in the currently used system environment.

If you plan to migrate your operating system to Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 (supported by Bartender 2016 only), you will need to migrate from Bartender 10.1 to 2016.

  • AEB will not support the subsequent Bartender version 2019.

Update required? Arrange a consultation on the Bartender update to version 2016 by Mail to

Migrate to Carrier Connect

Since this is a new system and the label & EDI formats can have a more recent status, for example, this is a new carrier connection from the project’s point of view.

The project itself consists of the following phases:   

  • Configuration of Carrier Connect and connection to ASSIST4 Dispatch system by AEB 
  • Carrier setup in Carrier Connect and ASSIST4. AEB fills the master data as far as possible. 
  • Functional tests 
  • Approval by the carrier (you create test cases, AEB supports if required) 

Would you like to migrate?

For the migration to AEB’s new Carrier Connect software product, we propose to schedule a joint change project. At the beginning, we clarify with you the general conditions and whether any previous customer-specific adaptations from ASSIST4 need to be taken into account. This is the basis for the service quotation for the migration.

Even before the project we need some data and values to get an overview of your current system installation.

Please contact AEB so that we can read this data from your system and plan the changeover: 

Mail to