Welcome to the new release 1.7 of our app 
“Business partner screening” for Salesforce

What is new in Version 1.7?

  • Support of “State and Country/Territory” picklists
  • New APEX batches for handling data
  • Extended logging
  • New check parameter to exclude or include checking of contacts
  • New check parameter to prevent update of uncritical records
  • Support REST protocol, meaning a more stable integration
  • Performance optimizations

For a list of all changes, click here.

What actions do I need to take?

Change communication settings

Go to Setup – Security – Named Credentials. In the URL field, remove the “/servlet/bf” part.

Example: URL is https://rz3.aeb.de/test4ce/servlet/bf. Change the URL to https://rz3.aeb.de/test4ce.

Define parameter for log entries

Go to Setup – Custom Code – Custom Settings.

In the line that has the description “log entry parameter to define the logging behavior”, click on Manage.

Click on the New button (first button from the top) and maintain the following settings:

  • Delete logs older x days: enter a numeric value for the number of days, e.g. 7.
  • If you do not want to transfer log entries to AEB Compliance, tick the option Deactivate remote logging.

Schedule new Apex jobs

Go to Setup – Platform Tools – Custom Code – Apex Classes. Click Schedule Apex and schedule the following jobs:

  • DeleteLogSchedulableBatch (suggestion: weekly frequency)
  • LogRemoteSchedulableBatch (suggestion: weekly frequency)


Go to Setup – Administration – Users – Permission Sets. Change the existing permission set for permissions related to AEB Compliance or create a new one.

  • Click on Object settings and then select Log entries. Assign all available permissions for all users.

Apex jobs

The Apex job named “NotCriticalAccountCheckSchedulableBatch” now will only check accounts that have the value "Uncritical" in their status. This also affects the corresponding batches for Leads, Opportunities, Cases, Contracts and Contacts.

Please check if that change is affecting your current setup.