Carrier Connect videos

Creating shipping orders and printing loading lists – Carrier Connect from AEB let’s you do all this conveniently and easily. Now for more than 200 carriers. Find how-to videos here that show you how to use individual features in Carrier Connect.


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Getting started with Carrier Connect

Learn step by step how to start Carrier Connect, create a shipping order, complete a pickup, and print a loading list.

It's easy: Working with your AEB application

Logging in and finding your way around in your AEB application

Find out here how to start your AEB application, use the desktop, and work with favorites.

Working conveniently in your AEB application

You can set up the AEB applications to suit your way of working – exactly as you need them.

Configuring and activating notifications about events

Learn how to configure and enable notifications about events in your AEB application.

Defining conditions for notifications and using your own notification texts

You can define conditions or exceptions for notifications and use your own notification texts.