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From product information to customer testimonials: AEB is now in video format. Here you can experience more on the subjects of global trade and logistics and AEB’s product portfolio. Take a look for yourself!
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A visit to Zimmer International Logistics

A visit to Zimmer International Logistics as an AEB video

Zimmer International Logistics relies on the ASSIST4 logistics suite to ship and monitor its goods, controlling the dispatch and export operations and making them even more efficient and secure.

Product videos


Easily connecting to carriers with AEB

Carrier Integration AEB ASSIST4: the video

This video introduces ASSIST4 Carrier Integration - the smart platform solution that enables easy communication with all your transport service providers.


Freight cost control with AEB

Optimize freight costs with AEB ASSIST4: the video

How can AEB software help companies keep tabs on their freight costs and maintain full cost control? The brief video shows how.


Classification made easy with AEB

AEB product classification software

Product classification is a routine task for companies that import goods and export their products. The video explains how software helps you find the 8-digit commodity code.


Export controls – safe and simple with AEB

Export controls with AEB ASSIST4: the video

Anyone who ships goods must ensure that the shipment is legal. This brief product clip illustrates the pitfalls and what you need to know to stay compliant.


Stock in transit – transparency is just a mouse click away

Supply chain transparency with AEB ASSIST4: the video

Customers often find out late or not at all if there has been an unanticipated delay in a goods shipment. The video shows how the AEB software brings light to the darkness.


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