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ASSIST4 Portfolio

ASSIST4 Overview

ASSIST4 Visibility & Collaboration

ASSIST4 Order Management


ASSIST4 Warehouse Management

ASSIST4 Transport & Freight Management

ASSIST4 Customs Management

ASSIST4 Compliance & Risk Management


ASSIST4 Export Controls

ASSIST4 Time Slot Management

ASSIST4 Carrier Integration

ASSIST4 Customs Integration


ASSIST4 Classification

brochure product classification software from AEB

ASSIST4 Origin & Preferences

brochure product classification software from AEB

ASSIST4 Billing

brochure billing software from AEB

Business Intelligence (BI)

flyer business intelligence from AEB

Plug-Ins for the SAP® system

Empowering SAP® Systems

ATC :: Compliance Screening

ATC :: Export Controls


White papers and fact sheets

White Paper Classification

White Paper Freight Invoice Auditing

White Paper Freight Cost Calculation

White Paper Freight Purchasing


White Paper Freight Reallocation

White Paper Export Controls

White Paper U.S. Export Controls

White Paper U.S. Export Control Reform


White Paper Customer Satisfaction

White Paper 3D Printing

White Paper Supply Chain Visibility

White Paper Inbound SCM


White Paper ERP vs. Best-of-Breed

White Paper ERP Export Powerhouse

White Paper Carrier Integration

Fact Sheet Optimized SAP® Systems


Fact Sheet SAP S/4HANA®

Online Booklet US Export Controls for Executives

White Paper Bans and Restrictions

Fact Sheet Compliance Risks


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