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The result: shorter delivery times, increased quality, and significantly reduced transport costs.


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Investment in IT is crucial in today’s dynamic markets. But you need the ROI for budget approvals. How? Take a look at this 3-step calculation example in AEB's SCMALLWORLD blog. 


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 SAP S/4HANA®: What's in it for businesses?


Potentials, benefits, risks, and timing. IT teams are discussing the best strategy to implement and manage this new ERP generation. Get AEB's new fact sheet to learn more.

ASSIST4 is the integrated software suite for automating and standardizing your global trade, logistics, and risk management processes. Some reasons for choosing ASSIST4 are:

Mission: automation

You want to standardize your logistics processes end to end – planning, execution, monitoring – and achieve the greatest possible automation.

SCM + GTM in a single system

You seek to seamlessly integrate your customs processes, including AES and compliance, into your logistics.


ERP integration: SAP et al.

You use SAP® software, but you see logistics, supply chain management, and global trade management as your key to succeeding in the global marketplace.

A spirit of partnership

Your supply chain relies on diverse partnerships, so you need tools that support collaboration and visibility.


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