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Which countries and markets does ICI (International Customs Integration) cover?

ICI currently covers the markets of Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, France, Poland, and Switzerland. In all these countries, ICI has been approved for customs management and, where required, certified by customs authorities.

What markets are coming next?

We’re planning to gradually integrate even more markets and customs procedures (also outside of the EU).  Is your country still missing? Talk to us – we are happy to consider your individual needs.

Can I influence which countries and customs procedures will be integrated into ICI next?

AEB customers can let the AEB customs team know at any time if they’re interested in specific countries and customs procedures. We even invite companies that are not yet customers to talk to us about their priorities for additional markets and customs procedures. Simply contact AEB.

Which markets does ICI currently not cover?

ICI (International Customs Integration) covers currently the markets named above. Other international markets are not yet offered. However, ICI is constantly being developed further and new markets are added. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about the details of the current ICI roadmap.

I know that ICI can handle export declarations. Can it also handle imports?

ICI (International Customs Integration) is equipped to handle both import and export procedures. This is already available for Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Switzerland.

Are there plans for ICI to offer other customs processes besides export and import?

ICI (International Customs Integration) already supports special procedures such as NCTS and port notifications. We are planning to integrate other special procedures such as bonded warehouses, inward and outward processing in ICI. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about the details of the roadmap.

How long will it take until ICI (International Customs Integration) has been integrated into our current system?

That depends on which ERP system you are using and how extensive you want the integration and automation to be. ICI is a cloud-based solution, so you can begin using it immediately and integrate it into your workflows within a few days.

What opportunities does ICI offer for integrating customs management into our systems and processes?

ICI can be addressed through an API (web service) and integrated by your IT department or IT system vendor. It is therefore possible to link systems such as SAP®, Microsoft Dynamics, IFS, Infor, and proAlpha.

Can ICI be integrated into our current SAP® system?

Yes. ICI can be easily integrated into current SAP® systems through a plug-in offered by AEB. Or into any other ERP or logistics system.

How many employees are needed to integrate ICI into our current system?

It’s less a question of quantity than quality. A resourceful IT expert who knows how to use web services can integrate ICI into various systems working alone. AEB is happy to provide an expert to support you.

Do we need to train our employees?

Training is not mandatory to use International Customs Integration (ICI). But training can be helpful. Our experts will be happy to demonstrate how you can use ICI to optimally meet your needs. Reach out to AEB by live chat to talk about options.

Explained in simple terms: How does ICI (International Customs Integration) work?

Explained in very simple terms: ICI is a web-based software that collects all the information you need to process a customs declaration in one of the supported countries. This information can be entered manually or transmitted automatically to ICI from your systems. ICI prompts you to fill in any missing data, thereby ensuring that your declaration is free of errors and omissions. ICI then sends the customs messages to the appropriate authorities. ICI can also receive and “translate” their responses so that you know what needs to be done. In 99% of cases, no further action is required.

Can ICI (International Customs Integration) be adapted to our specific needs?

ICI has been developed to satisfy the customs management needs of businesses. ICI also offers smart features to meet your specific needs. Templates, for example, let you automatically fill in data in customs declarations. You can create and adapt these templates to your needs to reach a high degree of automation.

What do I do if I have problems with ICI (International Customs Integration)?

Problems can never be ruled out. Every ICI customer has access to AEB professional support. Here’s how you can reach us:


AEB Support in Germany::
Phone: +49 711 72842 110


AEB Support in the UK:
Phone: +44 1926 801250


AEB Support in Singapore:
Phone: +65 6337 9120

Our company is expanding into new markets. Can ICI respond to this?

Yes. If you’re expanding into markets served by ICI, all you need to do is add the country or customs procedure in question. In addition, ICI is always undergoing development, and market demand has a strong influence on the roadmap. Please let us hear from you.

What happens if the customs requirements change?

As soon as changes required by the customs authorities of a country or procedure come into effect, they are available in ICI. The software is updated automatically according to the change. No further action is required on your part.

How can I use ICI (International Customs Integration)?

All you need to use ICI is a browser. You can login in using a secured access and manage your customs processing directly online.

With which national customs clearance systems can ICI communicate?

ICI can interact with all national customs clearance systems that are relevant in the markets we serve: ATLAS (Germany), PLDA (Belgium), AGS (Netherlands), TDS (Sweden), CHIEF (NES – UK), DELTA (France), CELINA (Poland), and EDEC (Switzerland).

How can I integrate my existing customs brokers in ICI?

ICI provides the possibility to integrate your existing partners and exchange the data and documents required for your customs declaration with brokers via ICI (International Customs Integration). This gives you complete transparency over all your customs processes.

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