• Transport preparation:

 Excellence in transport management begins with preparation.

  • Freight cost calculation & transport orders:

 Don’t look for the right carrier, find it – and integrate it seamlessly into your processes.

  • Freight cost management:

 Freight cost management with ASSIST4 is good and simple – and simply good.

  • Freight cost control and billing:

 Save costs through automated billing and monitoring.

  • Extra added value: outbound, inbound, and beyond.

 Extensive support right out of the box – and when combined with other ASSIST4 solutions.

ASSIST4 Transport & Freight Management

Shipping requires optimal preparation, control, and follow-up. ASSIST4 helps you perform these tasks while ensuring robust, automated processes that deliver cost transparency and long-term savings.

ASSIST4 Transport & Freight Management lets goods and information flow. It lowers your costs by consolidating sales orders and selecting the most affordable carrier for both procurement and distribution.  You also gain effective control of your transport costs. Calculate your exact freight costs in advance and automate your billing processes.

Maintain complete cost control at all times.


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Supply chain execution

Transport management and freight cost processing can be optimized with ASSIST4. These functions, together with warehouse management, are the core of supply chain execution.

The transport service provider links in ASSIST4 let you take advantage of all the cost benefits your transport partners offer: ASSIST4 automatically ensures that labels, including barcodes, are printed correctly. Manifests and loading lists are also auto-generated and transmitted electronically at pre-defined times. It’s even possible to automate the issuance of transport orders.

Shipping as a cost factor

A study conducted by TU Berlin entitled “Trends and Strategies in Logistics” finds that businesses in the industrial sector were spending 7 percent of their annual revenues on logistics. In the commercial sector, the share is nearly 16 percent.

Meanwhile, shipping accounts for most of the overall costs in the supply chain – 31 percent in the commercial sector, for example. Often, it is these very logistics processes that still harbor a great potential for savings. Consolidating loads, bundling consignments, and optimizing the selection of the forwarder alone can lower freight costs by up to 10 percent. 

Automated invoice auditing

ASSIST4 lets you standardize and automate all the business transactions that relate to preparing and booking transport, and optimizing and billing freight costs. Integrated quote management makes it possible to compare all the different freight rates of your carriers. ASSIST4 uses these quotes to calculate the correct freight costs before you issue the transport orders and afterward provide the reference values for automated software-based invoice auditing.


  • End-to-end, cross-enterprise IT support of all transport processes in the warehouse
  • Better on-time performance through automated processes
  • Enhanced reliability and productivity though standardized workflows
  • Greater flexibility in selecting transport service providers
  • Optimized routes and transport chains
  • Easy integration and linking of carriers
  • Automatic transmission of loading lists and manifests
  • Automatic label and document printing
  • Support for multimodal supply chains
  • Full cost control and automated freight management

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