New research study on agility


84% of companies believe that an agile approach lends a clear competitive advantage. What else?


 Better safe in unsafe times


AEB's ASSIST4 Compliance & Risk Management solution secures your supply chain transactions and is certified by PwC.


 How AEB is shaping up


How can companies prepare for future success in a fast-changing market driven by globalization, e-commerce, and digitization?


 Optimizing international customs management


MacDermid Enthone successfully introduced AEB's Customs Integration at its industrial facilities in the Netherlands.


 Three steps to exposing compliance risks


Screening transactions against the usual sanctions lists is not enough. How can you expose and manage hidden risks successfully?

ASSIST4 is the integrated software suite for automating and standardizing your global trade, logistics, and risk management processes. Some reasons for choosing ASSIST4 are:

Mission: automation

You want to standardize your logistics processes end to end – planning, execution, monitoring – and achieve the greatest possible automation.

SCM + GTM in a single system

You seek to seamlessly integrate your customs processes, including AES and compliance, into your logistics.


ERP integration: SAP et al.

You use SAP® software, but you see logistics, supply chain management, and global trade management as your key to succeeding in the global marketplace.

A spirit of partnership

Your supply chain relies on diverse partnerships, so you need tools that support collaboration and visibility.


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