AEB is looking for people who want more than just an employer. 

That's because AEB is just like its employees: AEB gives more...

Where you are working from is not the top priority. However, it is important that one of our offices is your home base, so that you can meet people there from time to time, take part in events, experience the culture, and help shape it. Various happenings will also motivate you to visit our headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, now and then. But rest assured: home office is also one of our established tools.

Join our team: Currently open positions.

Why AEB? AEB gives more...

Our employees come first. That's what many employers say. At AEB, we live it with heart and soul. Employer, employee – we understand our relationship as a mutual give and take. As a medium-sized IT company, we operate in what is currently probably the most dynamic market environment: global supply chain management. Our IT solutions help more than 5,500 customers worldwide to ship their goods and import and export them in a legally compliant and efficient manner. We are looking for explorers with expertise and communication skills. Are you in?

Respect from the start

From the beginning, everyone at AEB is an equal part of the whole team. Not just running along, but moving forward together.

Living flexibility

Whether it's exam time, free time, or family time   flexibility is highly valued at AEB. Together, we creast the best work environment for you.

Moving forward

At AEB, continous education is a top priority. That's why you get what you need, when you need it. We challenge and encourage in equal measure.