What are your real strengths?

Give more at AEB in:

Software development

IT systems administration

Product management

IT project management

Account management


Marketing for services

Internal services

Software development at AEB

Software development

If you’re looking to give more in software development, you’ll find lots of interfaces at AEB.

As a software engineer, computer scientist, or IT systems architect, you’ll design, program, test, optimize, and maintain the AEB solutions – always with close ties to the business of our customers.

AEB offers exciting projects and perspectives for software engineers. With either more customer contact, or less. Working more closely with the specific application, or more closely with the underlying technology. It all depends on your preferences, training, and personal goals. With three themes: “development of standardized applications,” “customizing processes,” and “framework: technology and architecture.”

IT systems administration

IT systems administration

Administering servers, processes, and systems

If you have a solid understanding of how IT systems work, then you’ve found a good home at AEB. As an IT administrator, you’ll support both AEB’s internal data center and the data centers for AEB customers. Your duties also include ensuring smooth operations and further developing the technical infrastructure. You and your colleagues will provide first-, second-, and third-level technical support for over 400 AEB employees as well as third-level support for over 5,000 AEB customers.

In a nutshell, supporting IT systems at AEB means familiarizing yourself with and providing comprehensive maintenance for a wide range of systems: storage systems, SAN/LAN/WAN networks, servers, virtualizations, operating systems, databases, applications, and data backups.

Product management at AEB

Product management

A “product” consists of more than just software

AEB customers use AEB products because they derive a benefit from them. This benefit depends on how well the software and services match their processes and strategies. This is where you come in.

… as a Product Lifecycle Manager, you’re responsible for the software products – from the concept phase to the maintenance and ongoing development. You ensure that the products generate a high level of customer satisfaction. Throughout the software development process, you lead the projects, define the functional requirements, plan the software development, and engineer the release.

… as a Product Manager, you are the link between strategic and operational product development, and you define new business models. Depending on the product, this field can lean more heavily toward strategy, technology, or sales. But the market is always the defining factor. That’s why it’s extremely important to understand the market and have expertise in logistics and/or global trade.

IT project management at AEB

IT project management

Working with customers to implement solutions as an AEB Project Manager

We need people like you – especially when it comes to helping our customers deploy AEB solutions. AEB solution experts work with all types of companies, from multinational corporations to upwardly mobile small and medium-sized businesses.

As an IT Manager at AEB, you work with customers to find the right solution, narrow down their needs, plan and document the project, form the team, map out the customer’s business processes, implement this in detail in the system, and run tests. You can see what is needed through the customer’s eyes, and you ensure that everything runs on time and on budget and meets all quality criteria.

Account management at AEB

Account management

Long-term collaborative customer relationships

AEB is committed to cultivating long-term, collaborative relationships with its customers. Give this commitment a face: as an AEB Account Manager.

As an AEB Account Manager, you stay close to the customer. You have a good instinct for people and their needs, and this shows above all in the quality of your communication and your intense focus on service. You are also happy to have an ongoing, long-term relationship and assume responsibility for quality, budget, and deadlines. If the best solution is to deploy an additional module, then you also sell that to your customer.

Services at AEB


Some customers do more than simply buy one of our products

They give us partial or complete responsibility for processes and key functions associated with the AEB solution portfolio. As the the AEB export for services, you ...

  • ensure that our customers remain up and running even in the face of disruptions, technical outages, or uncertainties.
  • support AEB customers with change requests and in change processes, such as during growth phases.
  • act as a trainer to qualify employees of AEB customers.
  • work to fulfill the long-term service plans that AEB customers sign – for system maintenance, update management, etc.

It’s important to have the right mix of pragmatism and patience. You can take a more technical or a more functional approach, but you always need to look out for the best interests of the customer.

Sales and marketing at AEB

Sales and marketing

Marketing the solutions and services of AEB

It does in fact make a difference whether you’re selling candy bars – or one of the leading IT solutions for digitizing value chains. If you understand this difference, then AEB is the place for you.

… on the sales team, you form and nurture relationships. This is about staying in for the long game, maintaining a dialog, and thinking like a businessperson. It’s about understanding the nitty-gritty of supply chain management, logistics, and global trade. And it’s about communications skills, strength as a presenter, and a strong sense for quality.

… on the marketing team, you have social media specialists, copywriters, design enthusiasts, organizational talents, campaign drivers, and creative minds working closely together to position AEB and its product portfolio on the market and generate leads.

Internal services at AEB

Internal services

Supporting employees

AEB’s success is fueled by its over 400 employees spread across 17 locations. And that number just keeps going up. It is our aspiration to provide personal support and an individualized development roadmap for every single employee – which is why our personnel department is called Employee Services. That means that recruiters, sourcers, cutting-edge HR experts, labor law specialists, and employee development specialists have lots to do at AEB.

For everyone with an eye for detail 

Accounting, order management, contract drafting, management accounting, or purchasing: If you feel at home in one of these fields, you also have a home at AEB. At AEB, there’s nothing mundane about administration. As an internal service provider, you ensure that all the background processes are working and continually tweak them. You are precise and reliable in your work, you never lose sight of the big picture, and you stay up to date in your field without being prompted.