Extending SAP® by plug-in

Automated allocation of licenses for export controls

  • Check for applicability of licenses with critical export control transactions for the document types of sales documents (such as orders), deliveries, purchase documents, and service orders
  • When creating one or more deliveries from a previously released sales order: Automatically generate partial releases allocated to the original (primary) release
  • Connect to ELAN-K2 portal for managing licenses
  • For Germany: Manage applications for export and movement authorizations through ELAN-K2
  • Complete application form with data from SAP® document
  • Receive email notification as soon as a new message from BAFA arrives
  • Generate semi-annual usage reports to BAFA for general licenses with reporting procedures or for collective export licenses
  • Automatically generate XML files for upload to the ELAN-K2 portal from the releases of critical transactions, with a wizard to help fill in the data