Extending SAP® by plug-in

Automate preference calculation

  • Determine originating status of your materials
  • Utilize data service for EU and Switzerland, with up-to-date content for all major agreements and rules of origin
  • Create your own manual list rules
  • Calculate preferences of multi-level BOMs
  • Calculate preferences of multiple BOMs per material (alternatives)
  • Calculate preferences of KMAT BOMs
  • Calculate preferences based on order
  • Break results of preference calculation down by preferential agreement, destination country – even BOM alternative
  • Generate worst-case view where there are multiple BOMs for one material
  • Run automatic preference calculation for the desired materials at various times, as often as needed, and synced with defined events (new BOMs or customer orders, etc.)
  • Calculate preferential origin based on BOMs and list rules
  • Provide customs officials and customers with optimal information thanks to detailed logs
  • Print declaration of origin on invoice
  • Exchange intercompany messages electronically

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