Global network of customs tariffs and nomenclatures for up to 150 countries

Product Classification

Global network of customs tariffs and nomenclatures for up to 150 countries

AEB Product Classification is the simple, streamlined way to manage your cross-location product master. Quickly assign the right commodity code to each product based on national customs tariffs – even for multiple jurisdictions.

Based on your needs: Individual licenses

Take only what you need. You can choose from 150 country lists based on your needs: export, import, export control number. And the best part: The commodity codes are automatically imported and applied. In partnership with the content provider Mendel Verlag.

Stay current with data service and year-end update feature

Product Classification saves you the trouble of manual checks with an automated year-end update feature: annually for changes to the Combined Nomenclature and every five years for the Harmonized System. Our software identifies where action is needed and prompts you with suggestions for updates.

Contents for up to 150 countries:

  • Export DE
  • Export EU
  • Export CH
  • Export UK
  • Export US
  • Export Canada
  • Import DE
  • Import EU
  • Import CH
  • Import UK
  • Import US
  • Import Canada
  • Export/Import China
  • Export/Import Mexico
  • Export/Import South Korea
  • Export/Import Singapore
  • Export/Import India
  • Export control list DE
  • Export control list EU
  • Export control list CH
  • Export control list UK
  • Export control list Canada
  • Export control list Norway
  • ...

You can't find your required country list? – Contact us. We are sure we will find your country in over 150 country tariffs.

Classify right with AEB

Mapping directory

A simple check: Our software checks whether the mapping directory already has a match for a given commodity code based on previously classified materials. If so, it can then be used as a starting point for product classification.


Easy maintenance: Product Classification lets you define classification data such as the commodity code, customs tariff code, and export control number for various countries and jurisdictions.

Outlier analysis

Artificially intelligent: Our software uses state-of-the-art technology to generate automatic suggestions for new materials. The outlier analysis optimizes the results and calculates new suggestions using existing data. The system recognizes whether the suggestion differs from the actual stored value. This helps the system improve the quality and reliability of its learning.

Master data maintenance

Product Classification stores all customs-related master data – goods descriptions, CAS numbers, country of origin, preferential origin, and much more – in a clean, user-friendly interface.

Integrates wherever it fits best: Find commodity codes exactly where you need them in your process.

Integrated with SAP ERP ECC® and SAP S/4HANA® 

The plug-in for classification can be integrated seamlessly with SAP®. Users simply work in their familiar environment, initiate searches from there, and find the commodity codes directly where their master data is in the SAP® system.

Integrates into other ERP systems

Our Product Classification application programming interface (API) lets you integrate other IT systems. Support is available from our API documentation, test features, and teams of experts.

Easily accessible via web service

Transfer material master data, sync data with the ERP system, access content data immediately, embed Product Classification interfaces directly in your host system: Dedicated web services make all of this possible.

Import and export via file interface

You can also import or export data using the file interface. A standardized file interface makes it possible to import the relevant data in a predefined format and then export it again when classification is complete.

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We will be happy to show you how quickly and intuitively you can find your commodity codes or export control numbers and how you can manage your master data in just one system.

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