Bye Bye Birdie: Customs to rename Turkey

Bye Bye Birdie: Customs to rename Turkey

It was the translation of the English word "turkey" that tipped the scales for the name change: Now companies should also use the country name "Türkiye" in customs documents.

Already since December 2021, the replacement of names such as "Turkey", "Türkei" or "Turquie" by "Türkiye" has begun in Turkey. This became visible, among other things, in the designation of origin "Made in Türkiye". The change was officially notified to the Secretary-General of the United Nations by letter dated May 26 and shortly thereafter the name change was confirmed by the United Nations (UN). Now "Türkiye" is to be used.

Since then, the name change has also been made on export documents in Turkey. The government has also asked the EU Commission for Taxation and Customs Union (Directorate-General TAXUD) to use the name "Türkiye" on proofs of origin, movement certificates and other commercial documents issued in EU Member States.

Name change: Status of implementation

In order to implement this name change consistently, some bilateral agreements between the EU and Turkey as well as EU regulations need to be adapted. The EU is currently working on a common official position on this, but as reported by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, DG TAXUD has advised in a letter to customs administrations: take the necessary steps to ensure that movement certificates and certificates of origin are not rejected by EU customs offices when the new country name 'Türkiye' is used; inform national operators of Turkey's request to change its name.

This is now happening throughout Europe. However, the Directorate-General TAXUD also assures that the Turkish customs offices will continue to accept proofs of origin and movement certificates with the old name, as it takes time to adapt to this change.

Movement certificates: EUR.1 and A.TR

Movement certificates EUR.1 are used in trade with Turkey only for agricultural and ECSC goods (primarily in Chapter 72 of the Customs Tariff). Here the new name can be inserted for the participating countries.

Movement certificates are much more common in trade with Turkey A.TR. Applicable legal basis for the form and content of the A.TR. is Decision No 1/2006 of the EC-Turkey Customs Cooperation Committee of September 26, 2006. It also defines the content of box 4. Only after an amendment can the forms be adapted accordingly. In the non-pre-printed fields, the new country name "Türkiye" can already be used.

Certificates of origin, supplier's declarations and ATA Carnet

Since January 1, 2021 the submission of certificates of origin is only required in justified exceptional cases.. An overview of all official notifications on these changes to Turkey’s existing customs regulations can be found in the and refers to the Official Gazette No. 31330 of December 10, 2020. If certificates of origin have to be presented in addition to the A.TR, the country designation "Türkiye" should now be used.

In the case of cumulation or if originating goods are to be delivered duty-free to other countries, proof of preferential origin may also be required in addition to free circulation. According to Decision No 1/2006 of the European Community-Turkey Customs Cooperation Committee, supplier's declarations or long-term supplier's declarations can then be used.

For the ATA Carnet, the existing forms can continue to be used and "Türkiye" is used in the non-pre-printed fields.

What you need to do

  • Use the name "Türkiye" on proofs of origin, movement certificates and other commercial documents
  • Use the country designation “Türkiye” if certificates of origin have to be presented in addition to the A.TR
  • Continue to use the existing forms for the ATA Carnet, but remember to enter "Türkiye" in the non-pre-printed fields

Conclusion: Change it now!

If you don’t want Turkey’s country name change to affect the movement of your goods to and from Turkey, you are advised to start a conversation about this now.