Connecting for Growth: Digital is key for cross-border supply chain success
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Connecting for Growth: Digital is key for cross-border supply chain success

Winning strategies for supply chain success – that is the focus of AEB's contribution to the 2020 Connecting for Growth Campaign by The Telegraph.

Mastering cross-border supply chain challenges

What does it take to get products and services to customers quickly, safely, and profitably?

Supply chains in today’s transforming markets span across the globe and the pressure on manufacturers, suppliers, and traders across industry sectors is high. Technology advances, rising customer demands, increasing competition, and frequently changing regulatory requirements are just some of the challenges. 

Automation and digitization of supply chain processes has become a high priority to keep up with developments and survive fast-paced changes. This is especially true for cross-border supply chains. What’s the best strategy to efficiently navigate the dynamic and complex landscape of global trade and involved customs and compliance procedures? 

AEB experts deliver the answers – watch the video to learn more: 

Background: Telegraph's Connecting for Growth Campaign

AEB is proud to take part in this 2020 campaign by The Telegraph. The Telegraph is an award-winning, multimedia news brand that has been synonymous with quality, authority and credibility for more than 160 years. 

The Connecting for Growth campaign is a newly launched program as part of The Telegraph's business platform. Working with SMEs across the UK's industry sectors, it is linking up participating businesses with customers, stakeholders, and investors to connect, discover opportunities, and take their ventures to the next level. The content is created by TBD Media Group for The Telegraph as part of this campaign.

AEB is taking part in this campaign to discuss winning strategies for cross-border supply chains with UK businesses across sectors. Business opportunities lie beyond UK borders but navigating global trade and customs processes as part of flexible supply chains serving global customer bases can be tricky. 

What's the status quo across SMEs and what are the plans going forward? AEB experts are looking forward to discuss the challenge with UK businesses as part of this campaign – contact us now.