AEB and Dow Jones Risk and Compliance join forces
Compliance partnership

AEB and Dow Jones Risk and Compliance join forces

New compliance screening packages are now available for businesses thanks to the partnership between AEB and the global news and information powerhouse Dow Jones Risk and Compliance.

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This collaboration allows AEB customers to integrate content packages from Dow Jones Risk & Compliance into their sanctions list screening solutions so they can better protect themselves against violations of various embargoes. 

Additional Dow Jones content helps companies using AEB solutions to comply with regulations against money-laundering and corruption and shield themselves from the damage to their reputation that such violations would bring. 

We are very happy to establish this partnership with a global content leader like Dow Jones, offering our customers enhanced and highly efficient risk management that closes a security vulnerability in sanctions list screening.

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Automatic screening against bans on indirect provisions

Of particular interest to manufacturing and commercial businesses is the SCO (Sanctions Control & Ownership) package, which enables IT support for screening against bans on indirect provisions. 

These bans prohibit the provision of cash, goods, or other economic resources to companies or organizations that are controlled by terrorists or other people on restricted party lists.

Find out more: Bans and restrictions white paper 

Such companies often don’t appear on the official EU and US restricted party lists, so researchers at Dow Jones have put together their SCO list to document these sanctioned ownership and control relations. Now this list can be combined with the screening algorithm in AEB’s software to automatically check business transactions and customer lists for bans on indirect provisions.

AEB and Dow Jones compliance: Enhanced, efficient risk management

Dow Jones offers a global library of sanctions lists, enforcement lists, and warning lists. This includes the PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) list. The PEP list includes policymakers and people in their direct circle who are subject to especially strict regulations to protect against corruption and money-laundering. 

Dow Jones also publishes a broad collection of “adverse media” gathered from around the world. Companies can access this global database of articles to learn about any negative press reports on their business partners and get ahead of any potential damage to their own reputation.

Joel Lange, Managing Director of Dow Jones Risk & Compliance, offers this assessment: 

“With businesses under more pressure than ever before to focus on compliance, we’re confident that our data offers best-in-class protection against financial crime activities. Working with Dow Jones’ sanctions lists will give AEB customers access to the most comprehensive and accurate data possible so they can meet their regulatory needs.”

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