Powerful AEB screening app in Salesforce AppExchange
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Powerful AEB screening app in Salesforce AppExchange

Good news for users of the popular CRM system Salesforce. They now have access to AEB's app for automated screening of contacts against international sanctions lists.

CRM provider Salesforce has approved the AEB compliance screening app at its AppExchange, thereby certifying the security and functionality of the AEB solution. 

Salesforce is used by more than 150,000 companies, making it the world’s leading platform for customer relationship management. The Salesforce AppExchange is the world’s leading business app ecosystem, featuring more than 5,000 apps. 

The AEB solution now available in the app store includes the EU’s CFSP list, several US sanctions lists, and Japanese restricted party lists.

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Salesforce users now have the ability to filter out customers and suppliers against whom sanctions have been imposed as soon as the first contact with these businesses and individuals is made. This ensures that business partners are vetted against restricted party lists right at the outset, saving time and money in the event of a match. 

Block prohibited transactions before they occur 

The integration of Compliance Screening into a CRM system promises to be very useful. This makes it possible to screen business partners against the relevant restricted party lists early on during the contact initiation or sales phase. 

In the event of a match, this blocks any illicit business transaction from being executed and prevents sales, production, or logistics resources from being invested in the transaction. 

The AEB solution includes the EU’s CFSP list, several US sanctions lists, and Japanese restricted party lists. The solution also lets a company define its own denied party lists or minimize false positives using “Good Guy” lists. 

Up and running in 24 hours 

Another benefit of the app: It was developed directly in Salesforce, so it integrates seamlessly into the CRM platform. This makes installation a zip, so Compliance Screening is ready to use within 24 hours. For more information, reach out to our AEB experts at complianceapp@aeb.com.

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