The best of two worlds: personalized & customized

Individualized process support based on proven standards: That’s the secret of the AEB Cloud Platform’s success – and a win-win for your logistics.

Individualized process support based on proven standards
Individualized process support based on proven standards

Your supply chain is unique

Every company has logistics processes like dispatch and outbound checks. But your company’s workflows aren’t the same as those of your competitors. And there are good reasons for this. Because these differences are often the very key to your success. 

Standard business services ensure stability

Every business has its own individualized processes that set it apart. But every business also has standardized processes that work the same everywhere. Enter the AEB standard business services: Proven, scalable software from the cloud. Always on, always up, easy to use. With a breadth and depth of functionality engineered to impress. AEB standard business services can simply be plugged into your workflows through the API – whenever you need them. 

Customs Management

Manage imports and exports throughout Europe and around the world – thanks to easy integration of your customs brokers. Our business services also provide support for product classification and preference management. 

Trade Compliance Management

The AEB business services check your goods and business partners against critical end-use and country embargoes, giving you the best possible protection against export risks.

Intralogistics & Supply Chain Collaboration

The ingredients of success for good supply chain performance and perfect quality of service: Our business services help you manage time slots, connect to transport partners, manage billing, and much more.

Perfect combination: shipping use case

Label specifications are something every carrier and parcel service stipulates in detail. But how people at the packing stations work, which devices they use there, and how the shipping department and processes are integrated within the business: This varies profoundly from company to company. 

This type of individuality is supported by the AEB Cloud Platform – with packing station apps custom-tailored to your employees and their needs, for example. The AEB Carrier Connect standard business service applies the carrier or parcel service’s specifications for labels, shipping orders, and the like. AEB continually updates its services to ensure that changes to provider specifications such as new routing data are always available and you always use the right labels and documents. 

Discover your own unique benefits

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