Now this, now that

Managing change with grace: That’s the specialty of the AEB Cloud Platform. You can even make the changes yourself, thanks to integrated process modeling. The result is a supply chain insulated from any surprises – and open to all opportunities. Let us show you how it’s done.

Make changes yourself with integrated process modeling.

Software architecture – engineered for maximum flexibility 

The AEB Cloud Platform puts aside the old idea of modeling your business processes in a monolithic system in favor of a suite of smaller, task-specific web apps. These apps can be easily realigned to fulfill new requirements. But they can also be arranged into nearly any order to modify a process sequence, for example. 

This flexibility even extends to the data models that define how business objects in a solution look. You can add new data fields to a business object at any time and use these fields in an app, for example.

Best of all: The architecture is designed to let you freely change the solution during live operations. That makes it possible to redesign your process flows by swapping out, adding, or modifying apps – without any downtime. 

Easily adaptable from the ground up

The AEB Cloud Platform lets you easily model your processes in graphic notation using Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN). This makes it possible to not only define existing processes but also make changes to existing workflows: New tasks can be quickly set up, tested, and run live in a BPMN modeler without major programming costs. 

Clarity about the process

BPMN helps create transparency and a common understanding of workflows in software projects. The example below shows a simple shipping process for sending out manually input shipments.

Simple shipping process in BPMN modeler

Quickly implement extensions

The BPMN modeler lets you quickly implement new requirements. The example below shows new options integrated, including the automatic transfer of shipments to the system.

Extended shipping process with automatic data transfer

Integrate new features

The AEB Cloud Platform lets you implement new features by integrating additional business services. The example below shows how the Billing service was added to calculate freight charges.

Shipping process with second integrated Billing business service.

Make your logistics more flexible

Learn how you can easily adapt your logistics to new conditions – with the AEB Cloud Platform. Make an appointment now with our experts.