Your strategic asset has a name: nEXt 

The apps, process models, and APIs that make up nEXt let you create your own custom logistics solution. AEB takes you on the shortest possible path, using state-of-the-art development principles and technologies based on the latest developments in logistics, project management, software engineering, and IT management.  With a wide range of benefits for you.

People + processes = workflows

Both usable and useful …

Focusing on specific improvements for users yields added value through simplified, automated work steps. There is a nEXt app for each work step. What exactly are users supposed to do, and why? Who needs what information, and when? Which steps are required, and what prompts should be given? The interfaces and apps are designed accordingly.

… with a focus on the process

Integrated business process modeling (based on BPMN) is used to define, document, and above all run processes in a single system. The solution is custom-built step by step along the processes. New tasks, such as the addition of export controls to a shipping process, can be integrated into an existing process with little fuss. Changes such as a new processing sequence can also be made easily.

BPM lets you change processes directly in the system
Your logistics IT adapts
Your logistics IT adapts

Making innovations possible …

Apps, processes, and data models are developed for new tasks using existing templates, then easily adapted to your specific needs.  You can integrate them without interrupting your workflow, so they’re good for a quick fix. Here you benefit from years of best practices in countless AEB projects.

… while using established standards

nEXt is built on existing AEB products ranging in scope from export customs management and sanctions list screening to time slot management. The nEXt apps link them all together and use their application programming interface (API). This means that your system – though customized to your individual processes –  still relies on tried-and-test standardized functionalities from the AEB product portfolio.

Your custom logistics solution
Your custom logistics solution

nEXt provides seamless integration

nEXt integrates all supply chain partners and systems
nEXt integrates all supply chain partners and systems

nEXt is not just another solution that needs to be integrated into your IT landscape. nEXt solutions adapt to the systems with which they interact. Business objects can use the same name throughout. A “delivery” in your ERP system is also called “delivery” in nEXt, and a “production order” in one place remains a “production order” elsewhere.

nEXt also uses a wide array of different technologies for integration – from interfaces such as web services and APIs to plug-ins. The result is that business processes run smoothly across different systems. AEB solutions already work hand in hand with all the various systems from SAP, IFS, Infor, JD Edwards, MS Navision, proAlpha, Oracle, and many more providers. Take it to the next level – with nEXt.