No pain, big gain

The AEB Cloud Platform lets you hit the ground running and start seeing real gains right away. It easily grows as your needs expand. And it keeps you agile in the face of complex challenges.

The AEB Cloud Platform lets you hit the ground running and start seeing real gains right away

Get real results faster

We all know them, we all hate them: never-ending projects. The AEB Cloud Platform streamlines the implementation of logistics software with a modern mindset, individualized approaches, and state-of-the-art technologies. Those bold enough to follow this new path are rewarded with incomparable opportunities.

iterative models

Success through agility

We work with you to find the right approach based on the task at hand, the solution, and the general parameters of your project. We rely here on iterative models, working step by step in short, concentrated sprints to address the key issues.

This gives you a working artefact at a very early stage: a tested, appropriately documented version of the solution that has been checked against a “definition of done” and released for you to use right away, delivering a quick win.

What’s the best approach for you? Let’s sit down together and find out.

Focused on your growth

What matters most to businesses is finding sustainable solutions. So it’s a good thing the AEB Cloud Platform is both flexible and extensible. If you need new specialized functionalities, for example, you can integrate more AEB business services. That way, the solution simply grows along with your needs. The costs of the AEB business services are based on your transaction volume. When your business encounters a seasonal lull or economic downturn, your solution scales back with you.

 Businesses care about the sustainability of their solutions.

Quickly optimize a specific step of the process: A solution with the AEB Cloud Platform often starts by covering just the key functions to quickly deliver a specific benefit.

The AEB Cloud Platform is flexible and extensible.

It’s easy to extend the AEB Cloud Platform with new features, apps, and business services – integrating additional packing processes into your outbound shipping, for example. 

It’s easy to integrate new functionalities and AEB business services.

“Living beta” as a mindset: The AEB Cloud Platform is engineered for continuous delivery, so your business can continue to develop without depending on slow release cycles outside of your control.

Sustainable and forward-looking

The AEB Cloud Platform gives you a logistics solution that is both sustainable and forward-looking. That’s because it’s based on cutting-edge technologies. 

To name a few names: Angular for the front-end development, TypeScript as the front-end and back-end development language, GraphQL as the consistent interface language among components, and a NoSQL database for flexible storage of changing data structures.



Taking the first step is easy

Let’s get started right away: What challenges do you face, and what potential can you achieve through the AEB Cloud Platform? We’ll be able to answer those questions right away in our first meeting.