Customized to your needs – and your users

The success of software depends in large measure on the user experience: on how well it supports users and their goals and how much fun it makes their work. That’s why the AEB Cloud Platform puts your users and their tasks front and center. That moves your logistics down the road. Learn how.

Customized to your needs – and your users

Engineered for the needs of your users

The AEB Cloud Platform has been engineered with you and your employees in mind – with a user-centered design drawing on tools such as personas and user stories. This begins with a context of use analysis: Who will work with the solution? How and in which environment?


Pauline Packer
Pauline needs a large touch display at her packing station to take care of her packing processes quickly and without errors.


David Dispatcher
David needs a mobile app on the handheld scanner he uses to scan the pallets in the goods issue area.


Simon Shipper
Simon is on the road a lot and needs to check statuses and release shipments from his tablet.

We’ll design the right solution for you based on personas and use cases. That makes your employees’ work easier, reduces errors, and boosts efficiency and motivation.How easy is that? We’ll be happy to sit down and show you. 

More fun and efficient – whatever the task

Do your packing station workers use a touchscreen computer? The software’s large pushbuttons make the packing process easy. Do your goods issue workers use handheld scanners? The AEB Cloud Platform’s Load Control app is optimized for such devices.Do your shipping managers often log in remotely to release shipments? They’ll find a user interface optimized for smartphones and tablets. 

Your solution is designed to fit your unique environment – so that your standard tasks are quick and free from errors. 

Packing station worker using a touchscreen computer

Packing station: Complete orders the easy way with a touch display

Goods issue worker using a handheld scanner

Load control: Use handheld scanners for quick checks

Shipping manager releasing a shipment while on the road

Shipment release: Enjoy the convenience of working remotely on the tablet

Logistics software for the app generation

In the AEB Cloud Platform, each step in a business process corresponds to a task. For each such task, there is a small web app that gives your employees the best option for performing the task. This app is engineered or customized for a specific user type. The result is a logistics solution that’s as easy to use as a weather app.

The AEB Cloud Platform concept: an app for each task

Excellent user experience in practice

Hauff Technik, a specialist for sealing systems, optimized its shipping processes using the AEB Cloud Platform. The solution helps workers at the packing stations and goods issue area alike with apps precisely targeted to their specific needs.
Watch our 80-second video for details of the project.

What is the true value of good user experience?

Experience it for yourself. Book a personal appointment to learn how you can benefit from the AEB Cloud Platform.