Customs strategies and broker collaboration: What's best for you?

Customs strategies and broker collaboration: What's best for you?

Recording .  March 22, 2022  .  2 pm – 3 pm GMT

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Which are the three key customs management strategies – and what are the benefits and disadvantages of each? Understand your options and learn how to determine the best strategy and most cost-effective process for your business and individual requirements. For all your trade lanes worldwide and including mixed strategies.  

Software demo

Discover the benefits of integrated customs broker collaboration including faster processes, lower costs, increased flexibility, and reduced risks. In this live demo, our solutions expert introduce AEB's Customs Broker Integration software and guide you through the key steps of working with an integrated customs platform that enables you to work efficiently with brokers across the globe and/or manage hybrid strategies. 

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Please note that this webinar has already taken place on March 22, 2022. It was well attended and delivered valuable insights. If you are interested in the recording of the session, please contact us by using the button below.

Speakers: The AEB experts that guide you through the webinar

Luke Hanson, AEB (International)

Luke Hanson

Senior Customs Expert

James Bennett  .  Solutions Consultant

James Bennett

Senior Solutions Consultant